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Holy Shit! Wizard World Chicago Cancelled?!?

So I get up this morning, grab my traditional morning tea, and sit down at the computer to see what happened in the world while I was unconscious.

There's a message:  "You might want to check the Wizard World site."

I had checked it not long ago, after someone had told me to check out the site, with hints the company was filing bankruptcy.  But I found no signs of it.  If anything, they were continuing to expand the guest lists.  The Bruce was due to return to Chicago that Saturday only.  They resigned the ladies from the original Evil Dead for another barnstorming tour.  Business as usual.

So I go to the main site to see what I can find.

There is no link to the conventions.


All other links are there, leading to renamed pages, but the cons?  Gone.  Since the page is redesigned, this isn't a case of mistaken links, it is gone.

Please note, you can still order tickets to both the Austin con and the Chicago con through Ticketleap.  This is sooooooo Wizard.

Now, I'm not writing this off just yet.  There's no official announcement of any kind.  But the guy who used to own the Atlanta con that Wizard bought has been urging them publicly to reschedule lately.  And Austin hits at the end of January.  If February arrives and nothing changes, it looks like the Wizard World comic convention is dead cold worm food.

Remember those $100 vouchers to use for a Wizard World con for the Wizard Subscription Money fiasco?  This is sooooooo Wizard.

It certainly portends something interesting.  Until recently, the conventions were the only things keeping Wizard in the black.  Michael Mathews, the new CEO, is regearing the site, complete with its own social media network, a Flash Tub Flash game portal (the first title is Fly Like A Hero, and sounds like those Rainbow Dash fangames.  They couldn't even rip off the actually pretty cool Superman game on the Atari 2600.  Derivative and uninspired.  This is sooooooo Wizard), and have strategic alliances for crosspromotion with ToyWiz and DefJam.  Please notice, no comic books in there anywhere.  Looks like they are moving away from their roots.

So, in less than two months, we will know what is up.

And I am sooooooo glad I didn't order my ticket in advance.
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