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Like The Guy Selling Suppositories Said, "With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas?"

Seeing Newt Gingrich's numbers flame out is such a relief to me.

Gingrich was on Face The Nation this Sunday, and was feeling his oats.  If you thought him taking a pledge of fidelity for the fourth time was hilarious, Newtie was just getting warmed up.  He wants to change the Constitution.

Yeah.  I'm already pissed.

Here's his immodest proposal to reign in what he perceives as an out of control judiciary --

"Here's the key--it's always two out of three. If the president and the Congress say the court is wrong, in the end the court would lose. If the Congress and the court say the president is wrong, in the end the president would lose. And if the president and the court agreed, the Congress loses. The Founding Fathers designed the Constitution very specifically in a Montesquieu spirit of the laws to have a balance of power, not to have a dictatorship by any one of the three branches."

Please notice this is the same gasbag that said, during the 2000 Al Gore/Shrub recount debate that the Supreme Court was upholding the Founding Father's dearest wishes.  When the court is on his side, he's their white knight.  They rule in a way he disagrees with and feels is wrong, and they need to be dealt with.  And I refuse to trust anyone that, if this was two hundred years ago, would have been a friggin' Tory.

...huh?  Okay.  Let me ATTEMPT to take this seriously so you can understand why I'm pissing all over it.  What Gingrich is proposing will destroy the checks and balances that is the very foundation of this country's laws.  And, in addition to, on top of that, Congress doesn't pay any attention to the bills they pass.  How many times have they passed laws that have been shot down as being too vague or overbroad (like, oh, off the top of my head, abortion rights)?  They could easily make laws that don't do this.  They don't.  Ask a Congressman what is in the bill he is voting on.  Most of the time, they don't know it, they have advisors telling them what is good and what is bad and vote as such.  Some Congressmen even admit they just pass laws, figuring that, if anything is wrong with it, the courts will shoot it down.  And Gingrich wants to eliminate our best defense against the politicians' stupidity and the lobbyists that control them?!?

Gingrich claims a precedent set by Thomas Jefferson, who got rid of 18 of 35 judges back then.  "[A]s a historian, I look at the context of the judiciary and the constitution in terms of American history."  No, he doesn't.  He's ignoring everything that has happened since those days just so he can basically said, "This happened once, why shouldn't it happen again?"

But wait!  There's more!  He also wants to empower federal marshals or Capitol police to arrest judges that refuse to respond in person to a subpoena issued to publicly shame them for a decision they make.

Gingrich said during the show, "I think part of the advantage I have is that I'm not a lawyer."

When it comes to the Constitution, that's not something you should brag about, dipshit.

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