Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Redefining "Court Of Opinion"

"It's a summons!"
"What's that mean?"
"It means summon's in trouble!"
--Rocky and Bullwinkle

I have to give Rod Blagojevich's lawyers credit -- they are a creative and amusing bunch.

Last week, Blago's team, led by Lauren Kaeseberg (she wrote the motion), asked US District Judge James Zagel for an evidentiary hearing to get Blago a new trial.

The beef?  Connie Wilson, the jury forewoman, met with students at Metea Valley High School in Aurora.  She showed them courtroom sketches and copies of her jury summons and questionnaires.

The pop shot?  Kaeseberg says that Wilson violated the judge's order on keeping the questionnaires confidential.  As such, Blago should get a new trial.

Zagel's response?  "I intend to deny this motion, which I regard as harebrained.  I never instructed the jury that the questionnaires.  This motion was prepared without any adequate thought."  He also said that he could hold Kaeseberg in contempt of court (he didn't, he said, because she was green), suggested she get herself a lawyer, write an explanation to him why she thought her motion was valid, and suggested Kaeseberg write a letter of apology to Wilson.  "This smacks a little of a retaliatory motive against a juror that perhaps you and your client don't like and it's improper.  These were not notes about the case, this was her information.  How you could have concluded that a juror is lawfully restricted from saying these things is just beyond my imagination."  (If you doubt me, this was during the hearing, so this little dope slap is part of the public record, tee hee.)

Blago's team is still debating if they want to send Wilson an apology.

Oh, and Judge Zagel?

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