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Peter G

"How Is It Going To End?" I've Been Wondering That Myself

If I was the Kamikazes, I'd be baking Obama a cake and thanking him for not getting slick.

As most of you know, the House R's have caved and will pass the two month tax holiday.  No surprise there.

What is surprising is the details of what went down, and what they portend.

With yesterday's little pissing match, John Boehner, the Speaker Of The House, found himself without allies.  Everyone, including noted Republican touchstones like Karl Rove and John McCain, refused to give him any support whatsoever.  Boehner was literally isolated, the only one between the rock and the hard place the Tea Partiers put him in.

So Boehner called President Obama, forgetting that these little shenanigans put Obama in a position to play hardball.  Remember, this is a great election issue, and every politician worth his salt wants it.  Expecting Obama to play nice now, with the deal expiring in a little over a week during a tense campaign season, you might was well be hoping the Protestants and the Catholics will have a prayer breakfast together in Salt Lake City.  Boehner asked Obama to send economic advisors in to discuss the one year extension.  Obama said, "No."  Boehner then asked Obama to order the Senate to return to the Capitol so they could have an emergency session and hammer out a compromise.  Obama said no, the "only viable option currently on the table" is the two month extension.

Meanwhile, this wasn't reported, but I suspect furious R's decided to have a little chat with several of the Kamikazes.  They are now going to back the two month extension, although Boehner is saying they still want a full year's extension and they will revisit this when they reconvene.

You know, Boehner is an old hand.  I'm disappointed he's missing the blindingly obvious.

The one year (or rest of the year, more likely) extension has an excellent chance of happening.  Yes, the current deal means it expires in two months.  What else is happening around that time?

Oh, yeah!  The State Of The Union address!

If the extension lapses in two months, it means Obama can get on TV, with no one interrupting him, and create a campaign issue the R's will never live down.  The one year will be given the usual bullshit cursory examination and then be passed if for no other reason than to boost Congress' approval rating and keep Obama from taking all the credit.  This is why they should be thanking Obama for forcing this.  The Kamikazes are getting worked up over nothing.

I'm more interested in the primaries now.  Each district repped by a Kamikaze?  The R's will be doing what they can to undermine them and get them voted out (or, at least, any that still won't vote for the two-month compromise).  The R's are in a position to take any business as usual candidate and make them look bright next this idiot that was part of the crew that led to the slashing of the credit rating, near government shutdowns, and rejecting a tax cut.  And with the Kamikazes either under their thumb or out of the way, the R's can get back to trying to maintain the House and restore Boehner's heavily damaged reputation.  They can even trumpet to the voters that, "Hey!  We listen to you!  You didn't like the choice you had, so we gave you another one!"

Boehner shrugged off all the criticism he's gotten in the last few days, saying, "Politics will be politics."

Yeah.  Let me know how that works out for you.
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