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Rivers Run Deep

First, a quick word for those who came in late....

When it comes to the world in general, I see it as a conflict between two sides.  But I don't see it as left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, rich vs. poor.  I see it as up vs. down, working class vs. ruling class.  You give any one subculture a chance to wrest any control away from any groups, enough so that they become rulers themselves, and it becomes a MacGuffin.  Not a object that is never identified, as the current term is used in movie discussions, but as Hitchcock originally intended it -- something so important that they will cross any ethical or legal boundary to get what they want.  You see this in software all the time.  M$ with its patents.  The iPhone was originally a hotbed for garage programmers to create their stuff and sell it, building their reps while putting a few extra bucks in their pockets.  Now that the bigs have figured out there's money to be made from iPhone sales, they are moving in and crowding the little guys out.  You know what I mean.

I love hanging out on the Cheezburger Network, where I can get my fill of cat macros and FAIL pics.  However, I tend to approach the Pundit Kitchen, macros made about political figures, with caution.  Few things can upset enjoyment like a difference of political opinion.  Especially for someone like me who feels that, politically, a lot of people just don't get it.  They think if certain plans are enacted, the world becomes a utopia, with no thought to the consequences of these policies and changes.  As the saying goes, "Be careful what you wish may get it."

Pundit Kitchen has been a huge holdout in current trends, supporting Obama because he acts like a regular person or because he is angling for certain things to get done, like the universal health care (curiously, other sites on Cheezburger Network had gags about the bailouts, but PK was silent).  With health care still taking front and center, and finally looking like its going to deservedly crash and burn, the pseudo-intellectuals, the ones who think they've tapped into what is philosophically best if everyone would just listen to their brainy conclusions, supporters are getting angry.  God forbid they get mad at Obama, who sold them on a pipe dream to get their votes and they don't want to admit they got used and sold out.  Nope, they are turning their anger elsewhere.

Here's the macro from PK that has me annoyed:

Ah, yes.  Nothing like dressing things up in a little class warfare to rally the troops.  "Hey!  You aren't rich!  Why not make THEM pay?!?"

Funny thing:  the protests I'm seeing over the proposed health plan have nothing to do with protecting the rich.  THE RICH WON'T BE PAYING FOR IT ANYWAY!  They won't be using it.  Congress sure isn't going to use it.  So who's gonna pay for it?  Us.

Social Security for the next two years is cutting payouts to people who have, you know, paid into it their whole lives.  Revised projections put the deficit at $9 tril this year.  That's TRILLION.  And that's $2 tril higher than they originally anticipated.  Obama is still saying he'll slash the deficit in half by the time his first term is over.  Health care reform is the key to it.  So, we can accept this health plan, watch the deficit skyrocket higher (I dare say it's almost achieved escape velocity) into the realm of the unmanagable, but withing a few years, it will be a less messy unmanagable amount.  Or, we can reject the health plan outright AND NOT ADD ANY MORE TO THE DEFICIT TO BEGIN WITH!  I'm no Trekkie, but I think I know what Mr. Spock would do.

The protesters screaming bloody murder aren't trying to protect the rich.  They are protecting themselves from being used as a money spiggot the way the bank bailouts did, they are protecting themselves from government intrusion since they would be controlling our data, and they are protecting themselves from a beauracracy that claims to have everyone's best interests at heart.  It took FEMA five days to get water to the Superdome.  Do they really expect us to trust them to take care of us before we join the voting dead?

Show us the bill.  Show us how this isn't going to put the country further in debt that it can never pay back.  Show us that this really is in our best interest.  Knock off the straw man arguments.  But you can't, can you?  For all your desires to see free health care, you only have your philosophy to validate your righteousness.  You can show no practicality, and you can't admit it doesn't exist, you are bound and determined to get this policy through to show how great this country is.

If you really can't find any reason to be proud of your country unless you are totally screwing the people you are sticking with the mess, you have no right to call yourselves "patriots" or "Americans."
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