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Wow, It's A Good Thing They're Saying They Aren't Negative Campaigning, Or I Wouldn't Have Known!

Ron Paul is doing better than any of us realize.

I say this because every gun is now trained on him.

There's an ex-staffer who says he's a Truther and other things the opposite of the basic Republican platform planks.  The newsletter.  Even the popular media, which didn't say anything about Paul in hopes of marginalizing him, are reporting all the bad news in concert with their political party masters.  (The only reason I'm not writing about his is it is so fast and so loud, I don't want to form an opinion until I sort out what is truth and what is spin.  I'll knock him over if I have to, but I'm going to make sure I'm in the right first.)

I'm loving this.  Really.  I'm loving every minute of this.  The R's wanted anybody but Romney.  Then they wanted anybody but Bachmann.  Then they wanted anybody but Gingrich.  Now they want anybody but Paul.  And the only person who they can stand, Rick Perry, is so out to lunch he's roadkill.  After tanking the 2008 election and letting Steele run loose with the checkbook...well, please observe the "Just Desserts" tag at the bottom.

The R's are trying to make the Virginia chapter look like fools because Gingrich couldn't be bothered to properly file his petition and they won't bend the rules for someone they feel is privileged.  Yeah, special treatment is always wrong unless you can benefit from it.  Not only is this not the Virginia R's fault, but Gingrich could have avoided aaaaaaaaaall this very easily.  They verify signatures if you have 10,000 of them on the petition.  If you get more than 15,000, however, they skip the verification process.  Just 5,000 more signatures from his adopted home state.  Hell, they didn't even have to be legit, because they would have seen the numbers and just let it through.  How a longtime pol like Gingrich let this happen is beyond me.

Gingrich, however, has been suffering from an onslaught of negative ads that put him right in the crosshairs.  He's hoping the Ron Paul hunt will take the pressure off of him.  It's not working.  Recently, someone dug up a quote from a 2006 Gingrich newsletter about Romney's Mass. Health Care Plan, saying it was "the most interesting effort to solve the uninsured problem in America today" and "We agree entirely with Governor Romney and Massachusetts legislators that our goal should be 100 percent insurance coverage for all Americans."  Uh-oh.  This from the guy who was instrumental in rallying the Tea Partiers and saying Obamacare would bring to America socialism (psst...that's already here.  Police.  Libraries.  Highways....), uncontrollable debts and deficits (also already here), and possibly even Peace Without Honor.  And for those of you who suspect some great liberal campaign to discredit Gingrich, this was dug up by the Wall Street Journal.

So, we have challenges to Gingrich on his managerial skills (the petition debacle) and the will of the voters (supporting the blueprint for Obamacare).  What else is there?  Oh, yes!  I've mentioned how Gingrich during his first marriage, wanted to shack up with his mistress and tried to get his then-wife to sign divorce papers while she was doped to the tits following cancer surgery (what a prince, how can anybody not think this guy is swell?).  Gingrich says that she initiated divorce proceedings (it's on his web site).  However, court documents have turned up where she didn't want to divorce him and wanted to work on saving the marriage.

All this is for those of you who believe character matters.  You know, like Gingrich says he does.

It's looking like it's going to be Romney unless Paul somehow manages to give a good explanation for the things popping up.  Gingrich is just undisciplined and disorganized.  Just like Perry.  They want to run for President, but they don't have what it takes to go up against Obama and his $1 bil war chest.  It takes a lot more than voter disillusionment to win an election, you know.

January 3rd is coming up.  That's when shit gets real.
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