Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Politics Will Be Politics

Some fast items that came skittering across the Peter G newsdesk....

*  Michele Bachmann's Iowa campaign manager has jumped ship and is now working for Ron Paul's camp.  Bachmann is demanding answers from Paul's people.  I dunno...maybe your attitude had something to do with it?  You've been pretty bitchy towards Romney, Gingrich, and Paul lately.  Besides, he's not the first campaign manager you've had defect (two others went to Rick Perry's camp), you know.  The one common denominator in all this

*  Jon Huntsman really wants to be President, but seems to have forgotten you don't get there by insulting the voters.  He's not bothering to campaign in Iowa, writing it off in favor of trying to win New Hampshire.  When asked on CBS' Early Show why he was not bothering with Iowa, he said, "They pick corn in Iowa.  They actually pick Presidents here in New Hampshire."  Nice.  If he continues to remain at the bottom in NH on January 3rd, I'm gonna laugh my ass off.  And those who've seen my picture will attest -- that's a whole lot of laughing.

*  Most recent Iowa polls have Romney with 25%, Paul with 22%, Santorum at 16%, and Gingrich at 14% (margin of error:  +/- 4%).  Some people are saying Santorum is surging and has a real shot at winning the state.  Somebody watched Rocky II too many times.
Tags: did not do the research, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, i'm such a bitch, important life lessons, infernal gall, news, politics, stupidity, this ought to be interesting
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