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Three comic book posts for the price of one....

*  DC just canceled six titles.  They will be ending with #8.  They are Men At War, OMAC, Static Shock, Blackhawks, Hawk And Dove, and Mister Terrific.

This is interesting because of the shit fit DC threw a couple of months ago.  There's a whiteboard in the DC editorial offices that tracks the status of certain titles.  Men At War was color coded for cancellation.  But OMAC was selling worse.  And this was public knowledge -- just looking at the Diamond 300 told you exactly how many were being sold.  Word got out with people wondering if Dan DiDio the "writer" of OMAC (I suspect he's just plotting and Giffen is doing the heavy lifting), would use his position as co-publisher to keep the book alive.  Conflict of interest.  DiDio called it irresponsible journalism, that OMAC could lose half its readership and it would still be making the minimum to continue.  Another guy (I think it was the inker or maybe the colorist) said it was irresponsible journalism and people would abandon the book, they have it plotted out to #16 so far and were told to keep going, don't kill the book.

Funny how things change, isn't it?

So which is it?  Was the book really doing well but the minor drop in numbers caused it to get canceled?  Or were you lying just to prop it up a little longer?  Which do you think I'd put money on?

*  I've pointed out how I used to be a huge Power Girl fan.  But as she became more waifu-ized, my interested shifted to Supergirl.  And it's not going back.  When Power Girl was first "re-introduced" (not post-Crisis, this was further than that), she was portrayed as a scrappy punk fighting a superpowered stalker who called her his "Power Peach".  Then she got tits.  Well, bigger tits.  PG has always had a...ahem, interesting physique, but it was still fairly normal by comic book standards.  It wasn't the pneumatic wonder it is now, complete with the new costume with high thigh cuts and an opening to showcase her cleavage.

(Geoff Johns attempted to explain the costume in JSA Classified, where Power Girl says the hole is to symbolize the hole in her soul.  She knows she's missing part of herself and her history, so rather than a symbol over her chest like Superman, she just has this blank, open space.  Very creative, but still preposterous.  It's not symbolic, it's to give the little boys a chubby.  Not even Neil Gaiman could get me to buy that explanation.)

The Power Girl regular series continued with this.  I know Amanda Conner is popular, the series had its moments, but it still presented Power Girl as someone who existed primarily as a sexual turn-on instead of a character.  And even when Winnick took over, who actually showed her doing heroic stuff, that undercurrent was still there.  #26, with the Power Girl convention, I know was intended to be funny, showing Power Girl drawn every which way.  But seeing girls in the single digit age range dressed in the current Power Girl costume squicked me out.  Like the plugsuits in Evangelion, Power Girl has become such a sexual shorthand, depicting someone underage as her takes a very delicate approach or it borders on Chris Hansen turf.  Even if they fixed her tomorrow, I'm still more likely to keep following the Maid Of Might.  She may have inconsistency and baggage in her backstory, but there's also a higher percentage of stories depicting her right and more interest in trying to actually do something with the character.  Try to imagine Stephanie Brown with superpowers, and you have what I consider the "right" interpretation of Supergirl.

I mention all of this because DC is starting a new World's Finest series.  It will take place on Earth 2.  Keep in mind, Power Girl was last seen as Mister Terrific's main squeeze, so I guess she's commuting.  World's Finest will pair Power Girl with Huntress.

Why?  Well, one of the things that pops up and runs for a while in the DC universe is a series of stories where Superman and Batman team up.  But they can't do that anymore.  Superman and Batman now have separate continuities in their own titles.  Mixing them will cause too many questions about what the hell is going on and what is still canon and what isn't.  Same thing with Supergirl and Batgirl, another frequent pairing.  Besides, Supergirl isn't who she was.  But here's two characters roughly separated from the continuity issue (Huntress is someone different now) and you can have the Superman/Batman combo without all the questions.  It's an interesting way for DC to get those stories while still dodging the continuity question.

I'm just not sure if I want to put it on my pull list.  My interest in Power Girl is still there, but after the Starfire debacle, I'm just not sure how they are going to handle this.  DC's interest in sexualizing the characters is one of their top priorities (I'm still afraid that, at some point, DC editorial is going to remember Superman wanted to bone his cousin Supergirl and reintroduce that into the new continuity).  And here's a character that was remade specifically for a sexual focus.

I got a real bad feeling about this.

Hawk And Dove is canceled, but Rob Liefeld is still getting work.  He's writing one DC series and plotting two (Deathstoke, Hawkman, and one other I don't recall), in addition to all his other stuff.  I pick on Liefeld a lot, so it is with grudging admiration I say, And he hasn't missed a deadline yet.  Congrats.  I thought for sure you'd be the first to blow it.

The people who told me I was nuts, Jim Lee would be the first to miss deadline?  Well, you were right.  Justice League #5 will be a week late, and they already have fill in artists for the next two issues until Lee's triumphant return.
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