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Clothes Make The Man

Today, while I'm out and about, I have to use the bathroom.  I take off my jacket and get ready to hang it on the hook.  But before I hang it, I get a good look at it.

The lining is starting to tear away from parts.  Parts at the end of the sleeves are getting threadbare.  Loose threads.

I've refused to acknowledge it for years, but this time, I couldn't ignore it.  It's time to take the jacket out back and whack it with a shovel.  This jacket has served me well since I got it fifteen years ago.  Rest in peace, you've earned it.

Part of the reason for me dragging my feet is just finding a new jacket.  This was a London Fog short jacket.  I just loved the cut.  See, the bottom of the jacket came back in.  You might think this isn't a big deal, but that gave the jacket a more rugged, masculine look when zipped up.  A lot of jackets out there are shaped like trapezoids, and continue to spread out as they go down, making you look like you are trying to hide your weight.  Not only do I hate those jackets, but they don't go with my fedora.  And I wanted a jacket that went with my fedora.

I spend part of the day searching.  One thing I considered was a peacoat (I already have a trench, but I usually only wear that with a suit or blazer combo), but the length concerned me.  Leather bombers never go out of style, but I didn't really see any that said "quality".  There was a clothing chain called Steve And Barry's that advertised peacoats for $9.  I didn't have to look long to see it wasn't a deal at all.  The fabric was wrong, single stitching, and the shoulders weren't done properly.  Same thing with the bombers, they looked like the kind of thing you buy to show how cool you are instead of being an actual jacket.

While searching, I came across a sort of mix.  It was like a peacoat, but medium length instead of short.  Borrowing a fedora from elsewhere in the store, I started trying them on.  (PROTIP:  any of you guys looking for shirts or jackets?  Always make sure the shoulders fit correctly.  Anything else can be handled, but wrong sizing in the shoulders will make you look like you are slouching.  It's only the rare guy who can pull off a really cool slouch.  Be smart and stick with properly fitting shoulders.)  I find one that fits, put on the fedora, and check out the mirror.

I like it.

And so, please welcome the newest addition to my ensemble.

Ladies?  Line forms to the right.
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