Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Of Pee I Sing

As Dan Savage has pointed out, piss is a toy for men.  Men write their names in the snow, they target cigarette butts in urinals, piss time is playtime for men.

But there is such a thing as taking things too far.

Sega Of Japan is creating a line of video games you control with your urine.

They call it the Toylet.  The line of games is being created to be sold in, where else?, Japanese bars.  Hey, this is the country that gave us the arcade video game Boonga-Ga Boonga-Ga, an arcade game where you used a plastic finger to goose NPC's ranging from ex-girlfriend to mother in law to child molester (and if you think I'm making that up just to be funny, you don't know Japanese culture very well.  Thank God that was created before the current wave of interaction like the WiiMote, the EyeToy, and Kinnect), so this is not exactly a surprise.

So, what kinds of games might you choose?  Well, one is Mannekin Pis, based on the infamous statue, that simply tells you how strong your stream is.  There's also Graffiti Eraser, where you are using your stream to erase the video game wall.  There's even a multiplayer game, Battle!  Milk From Nose, where you and another person use your urine streams to push milk from the noses of the onscreen characters, and whoever is strongest enough to push the other off the screen is the winner.

However, this is Japan, land of sexual perversion.  The highlight of this is line-up is The Northern Wind, The Sun, And Me, which sounds a lot more artistic than it really is.  The strength of your stream affects the strength of the wind, which will lift up a girl's skirt so you can see her panties. know, I used to think Japan would be such a wonderful place to visit....
Tags: art, computers, haven't we suffered enough, let's talk about sex bay-bee!, my little pony friendship is magic, science in action, technology is a beautiful thing, video games, wrong on every level
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