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It's An Aereological Autoerotical Tubular Boobular Joy!

A while ago, I wrote that DC was launching a new World's Finest series that would pair Power Girl and Huntress together.  It's an Earth 2, so any pesky continuity established in the DCnU doesn't necessarily apply here.

DC released the cover, complete with the newly redesigned Power Girl costume.  Power Girl is second only to Supergirl in how often her costume changes.  There was her original white bodysuit with red cape and blue boots and gloves.  Then the white and gold unitard.  Then some weird mixture with a diamond cutout showing 100% of her cleavage.  Then back to the original.  Then the redesign with the high thigh cuts, that stupid cape on one shoulder and rope under the armpit, and what is lovingly referred to as the "boob window."

With DC having Batman and Catwoman screw like bunnies on a rooftop while still in their fetish costumes, turning Starfire into Super Slut, Voodoo just being fap material, and Harley Quinn's impossible to keep in place outfit, I had really misgivings about this.  Remember, Power Girl was revised to emphasize her sexiness (in fact, she's depicted as an older version of Supergirl, with Supergirl getting relatively innocent stories and situations.  Oh, and bike shorts under her skirt in case anyone sees underneath it.  Power Girl?  Not quite the same thing).  It was bad enough I hesitated to mention I was a Power Girl fan for fear of what people would think of me -- the only thing worse than people avoiding you because you might be a pervert is people who embrace you because they think you're their kind of pervert.

So, here's the cover, with the new Power Girl outfit.  Hey...that's actually pretty good!  Still has the vertical ridges to suggest the camel toe look, but other than that, I rather like this!  Took me a little bit to figure out that's a P on the cape front and not just some angular accent design, but it's not like that's a deal breaker.  And...what's this?!?  Power Girl's physique is actually relatively normal!  Holy crap!  I expected another costume change, but I never expected that!

Well, that actually gave me some confidence in the series.  I was going to stop by the comic shop today anyway, so I figured I would add this to my pull list.

I get there, and I mention I want World's Finest put on my list.  I pull out Twilight and show him the cover.  He points out the boob window is gone.

And he mentions that a lot of people are refusing to add the series to their pull lists precisely because the boob window is gone.

I'm actually seeing quite a bit of this bullshit on message boards.  There are actually protest posts and nerd rage and calls for a boycott.  And all because of fake tits.

Yeah.  This really makes us comic book readers look mature and well adjusted and not like a bunch of sexual deviants.

This is especially stupid because, if all you want is to look at drawn hooters, there are PLENTY of indie comics that will give you what you want.  Tarot - Witch Of The Black Rose is a good one, with the character constantly appearing nude and recently finding herself held down as an eel bites her twat.  Vampirella is another.  You mean to tell me that your quest for sexual objectification fails with the loss of one book?

I have no problem with sexy, and usually will just go along with it as long as it isn't drawing too much attention to itself (X-Women #1, anyone?).  But to actually fly into nerd rage because of a character covering up?  Is it really worth getting that worked up about?

Stay classy, comic book fans.  Or try to, at any rate.
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