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Reminder: My Next Public Appearance Is A Week From Today At DanCon In Orland Park!

Oh, yeah!  It's that time again!

Next Sunday, March 4th, will be my first convention appearance of the year at the sophomore DanCon.  It's at the Orland Park Civic Center from 10AM to 4PM.  Admission is only $2!

I'll be there with lots of fun stuff.  I'll have complete runs of Sound Waves ready to go.  And, for those of you just picking up #8, that issue is the first of a two-parter, so I'll have copies of #9 as well.  You'll be able to get it over a month before it officially goes on sale!  And if that's not disco enough for you, I'll also have previews of all four issues of Red Riding Hood so you can check them out before they go on sale digitally from Crystal Fractal Comics or as floppies from me.  I'll also be bringing complete runs of Head Above Water, the Stress Puppy graphic novel, and copies of both Hannah Singer books.  Oh, and my stash of Cloudburst and Lightning Strike computer games.  Also, for those of you who remembered and enjoyed my Doctor Whooves fanfic Cloud Strife, I had a few comics made up of it.  Now, this is a fanfic, not a sketchbook, so I don't have the legal grey area shield and can't sell them.  But maaaaaaaaybe I can be persuaded to give one or two away....

But, let's suppose you don't want to see the Polish manga-ka.  What else is going to be there?  I'm glad you asked!  The show is about double the size it was last year.  In one area is dealers selling all kinds of comic back issues and such.  The other room is the talent, all locals from down here in the trenches, including some who managed to climb out.  For example, my old buddy Franchesco! will be there at the table right next to mine.  He's a great guy and a fantastic artist (I just hope that his stuff and my stuff doesn't create a rift in Reality).  Also there is Ben Templesmith, who some of you may know as the writer of 30 Days Of Night, the GN the movie was based on.  Also there is Dirk Manning, who writes Nightmare World for Image Comics and is the creator of the family-friendly fantasy series Farseeker.  You can also find another local boy made good, Tim Seeley, the creator behind Hack/Slash.  Also there is Tom Stillwell, creator of Hero Brigade and Toyboy for Spinner Rack Comics, and one of the guardian angels of the trenches, providing free legal advice to anyone who needs it.  There's also Brian BMAN Babendererde (Soul Chaser Betty and video game work like Beavis And Butthead In Virtual Stupidity),  Jeff Balke (colorist for a number of Zenescope projects), Paul Mounts (colorist for Power Girl, The Ultimates, and Tellos), and Legion Studios, who will have my friend, model and booth babe Sofiya Smirnova, there (and I better get her to sign her comic before the end of the day).  And many many more.

Also, keep in mind the goodie bag comes with a blank sketch card that you can get someone to draw something on (I have a feeling I'm going to be drawing a looooooooot of ponies that day).

See you there!
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