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I Think Icon...I Think Icon...I Think Icon....

So, KT Pinto recently did a meme, and I asked to be in on it.  She has set up her picks of my pics.

So, basically, the rules were:

1)  Reply to this post

2)  I'll pick six icons from your profile

3)  Tell me about them.

She has made her choices.  Here we go:

Get Down, America! -- This is one of my favorites, based on an actual comic book promo item from 1976, when comic's greatest curmudgeon, Howard The Duck, wound up being nominated for President on the All Night Party's ticket.  I have a couple of other icons I use for politics, but I have rules for what I use when.  The Bill and Opus one is for when I'm complaining about the current state of government, and the other Howard The Duck (taken from the cover of the Marvel fanzine FOOM! from 1976 during this point in the storyline) for any time intrusive government gets smacked down.  This one, I haven't used yet, as it is for when something is coming up and I want to do some stumping either for or against.  So it's for when I don't just want to complain, but when I want to rally the troops.  However many I can reach at that time.

Sound Waves -- Ah, yes.  You are looking at Rhapsody (the little girl in the white summer dress) and Melody (the mermaid) from my self-published shojo comic Sound Waves.  Since I started working on it, I've found I have a bit more to say about it than I do my other projects like The Supremacy and Stress Puppy.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's because I'm so enthusiastic about it.  When it comes to anime, shojo is my favorite genre (I can take weapons-grade pink sugar no problem) while "fight" anime bores me to tears (you know, Dragonball Z is more effective than Sominex).  Here, I'm actually playing in the sandbox I love so much, and because I'm self-publishing, I can accept or reject any elements or cliches that I deem as drawing attention to themselves instead of serving the stories (every central character in anime has some sort of "rival".  Rhapsody, my main character, will not have one).  So almost any time I have something to say specifically about Sound Waves, I pull this one out.  I hope I don't sound arrogant, but I just find these characters I created perpetually charming.

KrystalArmada2 -- From a piece of fanart I commissioned (believe me, I would love to draw that well) that serves as the wallpaper on my main computer.  Krystal is a character from the video game series StarFox (she also draws more than her share of...questionable reinterpretations from the furries.  Google "Krystal yiff" and be appalled).  She first appeared in the Dinosaur Planet storyline, eventually joining the team as their resident telepath and becoming Fox McCloud's lover.  I really dig her character, I like how she is portrayed as capable and brave and feminine instead of just a man with a woman's body and psychotically bloodthirsty.  Besides, blue is my favorite color.  Since I write up stuff about video games, I wanted some video game icons to go with the posts.  So I made a few, one Chun Li and three Krystals, and just rotate them as I go.  This is Krystal in her blue and black flight suit from Starfox Armada (or StarFox Assault, as it was known in the US).  Which segues into....

Krystal SFC -- Another Krystal icon, this time in her purple and lavender flight suit from StarFox Command.  This game is actually a sticking point for me, as they completely jacked up her character beyond all repair.  Part way through, Fox McCloud, the StarFox team leader, breaks up with her because life as a mercenary is too dangerous (funny, he didn't dump his first girlfriend, Fara Phoenix, because of that).  She then goes and joins Team StarWolf, Fox's merc rivals.  Yeah, THAT makes sense.  Depending on the path through the game you take, you find out she only joined StarWolf because they cross paths with Team StarFox so often, she would continue to be close to Fox.  Oh, yeah, that's MUCH better.  There are multiple endings, one where she reunites with Fox and they get married and start a family, one where she continues with Team StarWolf, and one where she has left them and become a freelance bounty hunter named Kursed, and her attitude and appearance is so different that Fox doesn't recognize her when they meet.  (Nintendo is aware that they blew it, because the Veep in America has pointed out to us StarFox fans that they never explicitly stated that Command is part of StarFox continuity.  Keep reaching, buddy.)  Anyway, I already had a Krystal in her Armada togs, and thought I would get one from Command.  Notice it's her flight suit from the start, when she's still with the team, she and Fox are still in love, and her psychological profile hasn't been shot to hell.

HolyHandGrenade -- Oh, yes, a double shot of fun here.  This is from the video game series Worms, probably the greatest artilery game ever made.  One of the weapons is the Holy Hand Grenade (and as you can see, they modeled it just like the one in Monty Python And The Holy Grail), which has a three second timer and is The.  Most.  Powerful.  Weapon.  In the game.  I choose this specifically for posts where I bitch about religion.  I was raised Catholic, but the church's inconsistencies and hypocrisies became too much for me to take (as my comic strip Stress Puppy informed my readers, when I was in my mid-20's, I once put flour in a church pipe organ.  It was awesome).  So I opted to go my own religious path as an independent Christian who doesn't subscribe to any particular subset.  Anti-establishment, a severe distrust of authority, and an as-yet-unabated hatred of the world will do that, you know.  I had been following that path for years when I met my teacher.  I have no problem with religion until it becomes used as a tool for power and control (don't let anyone kid you, Jesus was like that, too.  His whole complaint about the pharisies was that they were more interested in preserving their status in society instead of actually tending to the spiritual needs of their followers.  The story of Jesus is the story of a power struggle to define the role and responsibilities of the church, no matter how much Hollywood tries to depict otherwise).  When the church starts interfering with individual liberty or just manipulating people either emotionally or with the threat of The Fire That Burns But Does Not Consume, I get on my soapbox, and this is the icon I choose.

Peter G -- And this is me.  When I first created my LJ account, I wanted an icon that would be appropriately me.  So I opted to include little bits about myself.  I'm a Pokemon nut (Pikachu is my fav, and I have a whole herd of them, in fact), and you'll also notice the Tux The Linux Penguin there, as well.  This was taken in front of my dev center where I program and test my computer games.  I also wanted a pose that seemed me, and this was the best thing I could think of.  I originally took one with me in my fedora, but the angle and such made it seem more like I was annoyed with the world instead of observing it.  Whichever interpretation is more accurate, I leave for you to judge.

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