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Limbaugh Lower Now -- How Low Can You Go?

People are celebrating the advertiser exodus of Rush Limbaugh's radio show.  Limbaugh, as noted previously, called Sandra Fluke a slut on his show for saying she should be provided with contraceptives under Obamacare, then saying he wanted to see video of anyone who took government funded contraceptives having sex to "pay" for it.  (Hmm...since contraceptives are given to people under age, does this mean Limbaugh is soliciting child porn?  Why, yes.  Yes, he is.  At least the logic behind this is sounder than his own for how the taxpayers are pimps or johns.)

Limbaugh, who has always said the Left was trying to silence him and he speaks unafraid, was still spouting that bullshit as the D's and several R's told him to apologize for being stupid.  But his defiance suddenly vanished when advertisers started bailing.  Over the weekend, he apologized to Fluke.  He has since been trying to convince everyone his apology was sincere.  After all, if you can't trust the apology of a misogynistic fascist, who can you trust anymore?  It is important to note that it was not social pressure that motivated Rush to swallow his pride and apologize, it was the loss of revenue to his show, which meant his show would be canceled and he'd have to get a real job like the rest of us.  I don't know about you, but the thought of Rush Limbaugh asking me, "You want fries with that?" fills me with glee that borders on orgasmic.

Everyone is cheering that advertisers are showing some principles and that Limbaugh is finally being reeled in.  Great stuff, right?


Look out, boys and girls, here I come!  Duck and cover, bitches!

Overlooked in all this celebration is one basic fact -- the advertisers are bailing NOW.  Limbaugh has been saying mean, intolerant, racist, sexist bullshit since the day he started his rise to prominence under Bush Sr.  And NONE OF THEM HAVE DECIDED TO STAND UP FOR PRINCIPLES UNTIL NOW!  For example, where were their principles when Limbaugh was showing footage of Anita Hill while singing, "My hands caressed you, my hands explored you?"

Limbaugh has been transmitting a message of hate from the beginning, and none of these companies had a problem with it until this weekend, when the public suddenly wasn't letting Limbaugh slide on his insanity.  Only now do they see associating with him as dangerous to their business and are doing something about it.  Make no mistake -- had Limbaugh targeted Nancy Pelosi instead of Fluke, none of this would be happening.  So do NOT applaud these companies for growing some backbone.  If they had any backbone, they would have bailed years ago.

Actually, the above ties in with another point.  These advertiser bailouts are actually reinforcing negative female stereotypes.  Ask yourself this -- Limbaugh has picked on women all through time, from Anita Hill to Pelosi to Molly Ivins to anyone who stumbles into his crosshairs.  And yet, what is causing the backlash?  Sandra Fluke, a college co-ed.  Fluke has shown herself to be an articulate speaker, a sharp thinker, and more than capable of defending herself.  And yet, everyone is white knighting her AND NOBODY ELSE, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO NEED BACKUP AGAINST PEOPLE LIKE LIMBAUGH.  Part of what made Women's Lib acceptable was when Gloria Steinem became the face of the movement.  The difference between her and the others before her?  She was pretty.  She actually fed into ideas of defending nice girls that guys would like to score with but keep attacking the others because they can't possibly offer anything.  The defenders of Fluke are doing it out of guilt or fantasies of riding to her rescue, NOT BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Long story short?  Everyone congratulating yourselves on bringing Limbaugh to heel?  You're actually doing it in the worst way possible.  Don't be so proud.
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