Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

One Step Closer To An "Informed Democracy"

I know a lot of people who want more information about the government, things that are passed, things that are debated, etc.  Recently, a section was included in the new Omnibus Appropriations Bill that would enable bulk information to be distributed.  That includes bill status and summary information, lists of sponsors, tracking timelines, voting other words, all the stuff that is available on the Library Of Congress' Thomas website, but without the clunkiness and timing out of the interface.  Also, OpenCongress and Govtrack, since they get their info from the Thomas site as well.

This was introduced by Rep. Mike Honda, (Democrat, California).  Excuse me while I tip my hat to him.

This bill has already made it through the House and is expected to clear the Senate without a bump.  There's just one tiny little doesn't establish exactly how to distribute the information, whether as an API or a bulk data download or some other option.  So they are asking for feedback as to what would be best.

There's important information out there, info that can make use better citizens.  Contact Rob Pierson, the online communications director for Rep. Honda, and let him know.
Tags: computers, digital rights, news, politics, technology is a beautiful thing
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