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A Cartoon Pony Running For President Is Officially Not The Most Outlandish Election Thought Ever

I'll catch up on all my friends posts and write up my view of the Illinois primary tomorrow.  Right now, I need to put this up before I go to bed.

Today, I met with my neighbor while taking a walk.

He is trying to recruit me to run for mayor of our town.

I asked him if I could run as a Libertarian or if I had to join one of the Establishment parties first.  He told me I could be whatever I wanted, he would help coordinate the campaign and even volunteered his place as my campaign headquarters.

I told him, You do realize I am anti-Establishment and the old boy network running this town will shit, right?


The mayoral election here is still a couple of years away.  So maybe this is just a knee-jerk reaction and, once he calms down, the thought will leave his head.  People forget a lot of political shit in two years.

But if he's serious...

...I'm honestly not sure what to do.  I'm just glad I have two years before I have to actually decide something.

The problem here is that people think being in elected office basically gives you Harry Potter's magic wand -- think about what you want, wave it around, and things happen.  It's not like that.  You have a counsel to go through.  You have other people in town to think about.  Your will CANNOT be absolute.  You are supposed to lead the people, not build up your legend.

I just worry that this is born of a, "He can't possibly be worse than what we've got," mentality.  After all, if that's true, there are plenty of other people qualified to do this shit, it doesn't have to be me.  I can't promise a fix to the problems, I can't promise to make everyone happy.  All I can promise is that my attitude will make the city counsel meetings more fun than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.

And I'm not convinced that should be the biggest consideration for candidacy, knowhutImean?
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