Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Saints Preserve Us

It has been said that lawyers exist to help bad criminals.  Criminals with real talent don't get caught.

This was the thought that went through my mind when I read how the NFL came down hard on the New Orleans Saints for being stupid enough to get caught with their bounty system.

Everybody has a bounty system.  Everybody.  You can't tell me there isn't.  But the Saints got busted, so Roger Goodell had to set an example of them in hopes of convincing people that, while the NFL is brutal and violent, it's a safe kind of brutality and violence.  People destroy their bodies before they are 35, are on more pills than the love child of Elvis Pressley and Judy Garland, no retirement fund, all for the momentary amusement of viewers who don't care about them once the cameras are turned off.

So, what's the rap sheet?

Sean Payton, the head coach -- One year suspension without pay ($7 mil).  People say his legacy is tarnished.  As long as you win, people will forgive anything.  Case in point -- New England and Spygate in 2007.

Gregg Williams, former defensive coordinator now with the Rams -- Suspended indefinitely, can apply for reinstatemenat after the 2012 season ends.

Mickey Loomis, the general manager -- Eight game suspension without pay.

Joe Bitt, assistant head coach -- Six game suspension without pay.

The team itself is fined a half million dollars and loses two second round draft picks for 2012 and 2013.  Yeah, God forbid they take away the first rounders that could actually be a penalty.  Punishments for the individual players is still being determined.

It's not going to make a lick of difference.  After all, they'd have to penalize everybody.  And they can't do that.

And all it's going to do is make sure the others are more cautious not to get caught.
Tags: don't say i didn't warn you, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, sez who? sez me!, stupidity
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