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The Spring 2012 Carol Stream CECE Show

Well, this was unusual.

I guess it's karma.  After making forward progress on so many other conventions, I guess the rubber band had to snap for a little bit.

No sales.  Not one.

Then again, I honestly wasn't expecting to make any.

This is the first show where CECE is being handled by someone new instead of Paul.  The web site is a bit...underdesigned, and you always have people not sure if they want to take a chance.  As such, I expected this year to be really light, and I was right.  Despite free admission, not a lot of people showed up.  And as this was ostensibly a card show, most people were not there looking for comics or indie creators.  Like I said, what I expected.

My only hope was that the weekend wasn't a waste, and it wasn't.  I got there, and went to the usual room.  Given the drop in people signing up, there was a LOT of open space.  I didn't bring the easel I put my Sound Waves poster on, and needed to think of something.  Using the doughnut for my GPS unit and a couple of magazine holders weighed down with Hannah Singer books, I improvised a stand and put the holders for the Sound Waves comics on either side of it.  Poyfect.

The people there were nice and chatty, and it was great.  I actually had more visits from the other exhibitors than from attendees.  Just before the show started, a guy came in and asked where to set up.  Turns out, he was another comic creator, so the organizers decided to put him next to me.  It was Tom Kelly.  Kelly is a great guy.  Because the turnout was so small, we spent most of the time jawing with each other about the state of comics, what we did, and so on.  I showed him the Red Riding Hood printouts and Quantum Redshift.  He also teased me about being a brony, which I naturally denied up and down.  So we were good neighbors.

Kelly gave me a piece of fun information that made the weekend totally worth it.  He soon figured out I was a video game nut, and we talked about our favorites from the Golden Age.  He then mentioned a place called the Galloping Ghost.  It's apparently in Evanston.  It is an old time video arcade chock full of uprights.  Now, it's $15 to get in the door.  But EVERY MACHINE IS SET FOR FREE PLAY.  No pumping quarters, you can stay all day.  They also have full service food and drink, and as long as you're careful, you can bring your drink with you to the game you are watching or playing.  I asked if they had Tempest.  He said they had that and Time Pilot.


(Oh, they also apparently have laser tag and other stuff.  But that shit's for people with no concept of True Cool.)

Connie Faye was also there, which I think made us the only three not doing card stuff there.  She came around quite often and we talked about all sorts of stuff.  I made an errant joke, and had to explain the whole thing about otakukin and waifus to them.  The expressions on their faces said it all -- stop the world, I want to get off.

I managed to get all of Sound Waves #11 penciled and inked, and got started on #12.  Although I was feeling the lack of activity by the last hour on Saturday.  Thankfully, I had just bought a brand new battery for Kylie, my IBM S10 netbook.  9 cells, eight hours of battery life.  I amused myself by playing games and basically being a mouse potato.

At one point on Friday, surreality kicked in.  A group of girls (the oldest couldn't have been more than 14) came through.  They saw me working on my characters and started ooo'ing and aaaah'ing, declaring me to be the coolest.  I was nice and thanked them.  They then went to Kelly's table right next to mine and did the exact same thing.  Somehow, I don't think the praise was very genuine.  After they completed the circuit, they left, never to be heard from again.  All I could think was, Ooooooooooookay.

Like I said, I was expecting the day to be pretty dead as far as me moving stuff.  But it was relatively close to me, and only $35 for the table which I likely would have blown on bad movies or other shit, so it was still economical.  I curious to see what comes next.  The next show is in October, and I'm wondering what changes, if any, will be made.  It's a good show run by good people, so I'm willing to sit it out and see what happens.  Just as long as the price remains decent.
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