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For Those Of You Keeping Track Of Faith-Based Initiatives

Her name was Fakhra Younus.

Some of you already know where this is going.

Younus was a dancer in Pakistan who married Balil Khar.  One day, Khar got pissed at his wife and doused her with acid.

Did he do time?  No.  He had political connections that got him out.  Remember, Pakistan is a male-dominated religious country.  In 2011, 8,500 socially approved acts of hostility to women were committed (acid attacks, forced marriages, and general violence against women).  And that's just what was reported, I can guarantee you a lot more are hushed up.

Over the past ten years, Younus has had more than three dozen surgeries in an attempt to fix her heavily damaged face and body.  She has also become a hero, showing the horror of living in such a social order and turning a much needed spotlight on things.

Younus was in Rome, receiving more treatment to try to mend her.

Younus apparently decided life wasn't worth living anymore.  The 33 year old woman threw herself from the sixth floor balcony of the building she was living in.

I will not condemn her.  I refuse to.  Nobody except other women subjected to that degree of intolerance can ever know how painful every second was for her.

But we can help make sure her death was not in vain.  We can continue the work she started.  We can help the helpless.  We can make a difference.

One of the things I hate about political correctness is how acts of cruelty and heartlessness are excused because "it's their culture."  "Oh, they don't know what they are doing is wrong, and who are we to impose our values on them?"  In other words, they don't know their cruel and stupid, and we should support that.  Not doing anything is an endorsement that such behavior is acceptable.


Some behaviors are wrong, no matter where the person is from or what their culture is, and should not be tolerated.  And a society of people who treat women worse than animals needs to be taught not to do that or get nuked off the face of the Earth.

Remember Younus and what she endured.  Do what you can to keep it from happening again.
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