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The Amber Chronicles

Whew.  That was a productive evening.

With me pretty far ahead on Sound Waves, I have started getting serious about drawing more Stress Puppy strips.  However, I won't be doing them as fast as I could be.  Realizing that the year is ticking down, I pulled out my script for Head Above Water and the pages for #2 that I haven't finished yet.

Head Above Water has become a series that I want to try pitching to publishers before I self-publish it.  Self-publishing, admittedly, spares me a ton of headaches.  But I'm trying to build a career here, and getting credits showing I can deliver something publishers can use is a good strategic step.  If I get turned down, I'll publish myself.  So what have I got to lose?

That means I need to get busy.  Sound Waves has become less of a concern for me, since each issue is only 16 pages each.  Sticking with working on the books during my lunch break, I can get an issue done, on the outside, in a little over a month.  With a quarterly schedule, I should be able to maintain that.  Currently, I'm halfway done penciling and inking #5 and expect to have it done in a couple of weeks.  Scriptwise, I'm currently in the middle of #10.  I'm thinking I can have all the scripts done by the end of the year.

So, that means I need to light a fire under Head Above Water.  Issue #1 is penciled and inked and waiting for me to letter it (I'm searching for a suitable font, I don't want to use the standard comic book font).  Issue #2, I thought I had page 1 done and part of page 2.  I actually hadn't finished a panel on page 1, and had only one panel finished on 2.  So, I broke out my stuff, the goal being to make some measurable progress on the book.

Before I started, I pulled out my concept drawings and measurements for the characters and horses.  I'm going for a more realistic (though still stylized) look with Head Above Water than Sound Waves.  Sound Waves with its chibi art requires you to keep things differently in mind.  For example, a chibi head is a near perfect circle.  The human head is more egg shaped.  So I had to refresh myself on the drawing techniques I use for drawing Amber and Becca.  Fortunately, I only have one more panel with a horse I have to draw in relation to a human, and then I don't see them again for another few pages, more than enough time to make sure I have my notes straight.  Or, I could simply skip that particular panel for a few days and come back to it when I'm ready.

Fortunately, the basic proportions I use are pretty close to the ones I use when I draw Stress Puppy, so working on the latest adventures of Raff and Holly goes a long way to getting me in the proper rhythm.  I'm hoping to have issue #3 of Head Above Water done by the end of the year, and the last two scripts better be done by then.

So, Slave Labor Graphics, you better get ready, I'll be pitching to you before you know it.  ;-)
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