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Okay, before we get to what just happened, let's do a quick review of the life of the person at the center of all this, one Ozzie Guillen.

Guillen is an immigrant from Venezuela.  Clearly, Hugo Chavez was not a bad guy to him.  You don't even need google-fu to find quotes from Guillen before the 2005 World Series saying of Chavez, "I don't care how many people like him or not, I like the man."

Guillen was coach of the Chicago White Sox for a loooooooooooong fucking time.  Guillen has a nasty tendency to shoot his mouth off.  He's like so many people with radio shows or on the Internet -- when they have a following, they can't wait to say whatever is on their mind, declaring themselves as being honest and unafraid and just being themselves.  And as long as Guillen was winning, the Chicago fans stood up for him and his mouthful of moronosity.

Then the Sox started losing.  And kept losing.  Guillen continued to talk smack, including about his bosses.  His bosses decided they didn't want to extend his contract, and the Miami Marlins offered to buy out his contract to make him coach.  By now, Chicago wanted him gone, so the Blizzard Of Oz, as he was dubbed by the locals for his motormouth, headed for Florida.

Now, I want to point out that Guillen is part of the Hispanic community.  He's part of the culture.  He has had a house in Miami for the last ten years in Little Havana.  With the Sox, Guillen coached Jose Contreras and Alexei Ramirez, two actual defectors from Cuba and the Fidel Castro regime.

So what the fuck was going through his mind when, during an interview with Time Magazine, he told the reporter, "I love Fidel Castro?"

(Keep in mind, you apparently can admire Castro if you keep it under your hat.  You have to dig up obscure interviews, but Ted Turner said he was inspired to create CNN during a trip to Cuba and seeing how Castro exerted his media control.  No one is protesting that.)

Guillen usually just dismisses detractors as haters.  Not this time.  He claimed what he said was mixed up in translation.  Time Magazine reviewed the tape and said Guillen was full of shit, that was exactly what he said.  Guillen then said he misspoke.  From a guy who's been bilingual most of his life and never had a problem before.  Now, he's holding press conferences begging for forgiveness from the fans.  Meanwhile, the Marlins have suspended him for five games.  Hey, they could have fired his ass, so they showed him some mercy.

It's one thing to get carried away.  But Guillen has spent so long being a lightning rod, he suddenly is finding people who object to what he says and are calling him on his bullshit.  He cannot just talk, he has to think about what he says before he does that.

Assuming he has a brain to think with.

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