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Peter G

So, This Is What "Fiscally Conservative" Means, Huh?

Sorry, but I can't resist kicking a guy when he's down.

In order to appear on the Utah primary ballot, Gingrich had to pay $500 to the state elections office.

The check bounced.

"This is one of those goofy things.  That check was drawn in December. The account actually was closed by the time they processed it. It wasn't a question of money. That particular bank account was closed."  He further attempted to clarify, "I went back and checked and it was entirely a technical question of the bank being closed.  It wasn't that we didn't have the money in the bank but that particular account had been closed as they made a transition to a different bank on January 1."  Who wants to call bullshit?  The agent for the check, one Wallace Woodruff "Woody" Hales, is still employed by the Gingrich campaign despite the recent staff change.

Gingrich, who keeps talking about financial responsibility, just can't get a handle on it.  Longtime political wonks will recall back in 1992 when the House Bank check bouncing scandal hit.  Gingrich had 22 of them.

Gingrich was also nice enough to give us a preview of his next filing with the federal election commission.  He's about $4.5 mil in debt.

Keep smiling....keep shining....
Tags: did not do the research, haven't we suffered enough, history, hypocrisy, i'm such a bitch, infernal gall, news, politics, portents of doom, stupidity, things that make you go hmm
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