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Marvel Men!

It's been 24 hours, and the aftershocks of Disney buying Marvel are still happening.

On his Twitter channel, Kevin Smith posted, "’nuff spent! Marvel, like their Distinguised Competition, is now owned by a corporate juggernaut."  (Okay, I'm cutting Smith some slack here.  The reason I'm cutting him slack is because Smith got his break because of the Weinstein Brothers at Miramax, which had a deal with Disney.  When the deal went sour, the Weinsteins packed up and left.  A lot of talent, including Smith, went with them.  But the terms of the deal with Disney meant they couldn't take the name Miramax with them.  Just saying I sense a little bit of loyalty motivating the comment.  We'll see if Smith does anything with Marvel after this.)

Warren Ellis, who can be very funny, posted this:  "so I got this phone call from Joe Quesada and it was just the sound of him rubbing himself with money and now I am confused."

Disney's marketing people better know what they are in for.  Marvel has been bought a few times by people figuring it to be a money factory (New World bought them to make movies, giving us The Punisher, and Ron Perelman bought them), only to find it produced steady money, not tidal waves, and not enough to make the purchase price worthwhile.  Considering the superhero comic field expects to lose most of its readers after a few years (people who stick around for decades are the exception, after all), there's a difference between popular culture, where people buy Spider-Man stuff out of a sense of nostalgia, and people who buy it because they are currently reading the books.

The Boom! deal has an additional wrinkle -- Disney bought Crossgen when it collapsed like a sloppy joe.  Boom! has the rights to several Disney properties, from Pixar to The Muppet Show.  And what do you know -- the current EIC of Boom!, Mark Waid, was also one of the big writers in Crossgen's stable.

Stan Lee sees no problem with this.  Considering his POW! Entertainment already has a deal in place with Disney, this doesn't come as a suprise.

Fox posted a statement about the movies.  It seems Marvel gave them a beaut of a deal.  They basically have the rights in perpetuity as long as they are making the movies.  So, they have Fantastic Four and derivatives, Daredevil/Electra (considering how the Electra movie did, maybe they should stop making that one), and X-Men.  Rumors are circulating that they are preparing a Fantastic Four "reboot" movie, like what they did for "Star Trek" and they are planning to do for Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Produced by Akiva Goldsman, written by Heroes producer and Green Lantern writer Michael Green.

Sony?  Hmmm...  Greg Weisman was the creator of Gargoyles and the producer of the 2008 Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon currently running on Disney XD.  He wrote, "1.  Last Thursday (8/27/09), Vic Cook and I were informed that in exchange for some concession vis-a-vis the live action Spider-Man features, Sony returned the television rights (including the animated television rights) for Spider-Man to Marvel.  This took place the day before ComicCon, I'm tol.  But I was only informed of it this past week.  2.  Today (8/31/09) comes the news that Disney has purchased Marvel outright."  Man, the level of secrecy and surprise rivals the best pit masters I've talked with.

Interesting times, indeed.....
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