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Most single guys go out on dates on Friday night.


I was providing what support I could in the maternity ward.

I mentioned my teacher moved back here because her niece was having problems keeping up with the demands of motherhood.  She has a daughter, who I've dubbed the Munchkin (she only recently turned 4), and I sometimes help my teacher keep her corralled so they can have some downtime.

Well, my workload just doubled.  The Munchkin has a baby sister now.

Mother and baby are doing fine, which is an immense relief.  This was not an easy pregnancy for her, with at least three trips to the doctor (that I know of) because of problems.  Everybody was praying they would both be okay.

Well, they are.  Mother is recovering and resting comfortably, the baby has been examined and is in perfect health.  She's a fighter.  I like her already.

Unfortunately, due to overtime at work, I couldn't get there any earlier than I did.  Well, sort of.  I stopped by a Culvers and grabbed a butterburger, one of my teacher's known weaknesses.  I shoved it in my pack and got there.  My teacher saw me coming down the hall and after a quick debriefing, I gave her the butterburger.  From her reaction, you'd think I'd be assumed bodily into Heaven right then and there.  Also took the Munchkin for some ice cream.  Kids just don't quite "get" hospitals.

You have to keep in mind that this is my family of choice.  My "real" family is nothing but drama and headaches and power plays and control.  They do nothing by tear me down.  My family of choice builds me up, encourages me, believes in me, and I give those feelings and motivations back.  Blood means nothing to me.  Bond is everything.  They are my true family, regardless of my lineage.

Mom is staying a day longer to make sure she's fine, and then she'll be bringing the baby home.  I feel a little bad.  Their family doesn't have a lot of money, most of the neat stuff they have like the PS2 they got as hand-me-downs.  They appreciate everything, but I would love to give them something a little more immediate, more direct, something to lift them up a little.

My teacher told me that me being there is more than enough, especially for the new daughter.  She told me with a smile, "Not everyone has a Polish uncle."

May I continue to be the family they deserve.
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