Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

The Road Goes Ever On And On

Well, that's the end of that.

Ron Paul has practically suspended his campaign.

It's not official, he's just not going to campaign in any more states due to a lack of funds.

Yup, knew this was coming.  Paul was the only one left from the start of the primary season who was still in it.  At least he's leaving before he starts racking up debt (Newt Gingrich kept it up after Santorum was forced out expecting all that support to go to him, and, with it, the campaign contributions.  Didn't happen, and now Newtie is up to his ears in debt and at the mercy of Romney and the R's or they won't help dig him out).

While I'm not surprised, I sort of am.  Paul's exit underscores a massive, massive problem.  Early in the campaign, Paul was on fire, enough to force the TV networks to include him in debates.  The general populous would not let him be ignored by the Establishment, and constantly pointed out any exclusions.  While Romney was sleepwalking through the campaign and Santorum and Gingrich were bouncing off the ceiling, Paul had people around the country speaking up for him as a candidate who would actually listen to the people and to ethics instead of his contributors.

Where are all these people now?

It can't be that Romney has the nomination sewn up.  No one thought Paul had a realistic shot at the nomination (and I would certainly like to see him funnel that voter following to the Libertarian Party proper), but they were supporting him anyway.  And the only conclusion that can be taken away from it is this....

The people didn't really support Paul to begin with.

Paul was just a vehicle for their frustration, a way to express their displeasure with the old guard in politics.  They weren't voting FOR Paul, they were voting AGAINST Romney et al, and since "None Of The Above" is not an option on any ballot outside Nevada (no kidding, it's part of their election rules to include it, look it up), they marked Romney.  And now that the old guard has won, they are done and have gone back to just bitching instead of continuing to keep up the pressure and effect positive change.

Sorry, Paul, you did good.  Unfortunately, not enough people really believed in you.
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, politics, portents of doom, things that make you go hmm
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