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Birth Of A Nation

I would like to suggest a new subset of political discourse -- zombie politics.  This is when something that is supposed to be dead cold wormfood gets brought up again.  In threads, this is known as "necroing" a post.  This also ties with politicians not having the brains to come up with anything original.

Ken Bennett is the secretary of state for Arizona.  He has asked the state of Hawaii to verify that President Barack Obama was actually born there or he will not be allowed on the Arizona ballot.

Arizona just can't seem to let this go.  In March of this year, Joe Arpaio, the legendarily hard case Arizona sherif, announced his office looked into Obama's birth certificate and deemed it a forgery.  Nice to know that, even with illegal immigration, drug dealing, and other problems, Arpaio won't let the important stuff slide.  Arpaio conducted the investigation at the request of those bottom feeders of modern politics, the Tea Partiers.  The actual leg work was handled by a bunch of Tea Partiers who probably watch too much CSI, and Arpaio just rubber stamped it.

Bennett claims he made the inquiry at the request of a constituent.  Anybody want to place any bets who that constituent is?  Here's a hint:  Bennett is Mitt Romney's campaign co-chair for the state of Arizona.

I know Arizona doesn't generally like Da Gubmint, but this Obama birth certificate thing is really getting out of hand.  There's no way Obama is going to carry Arizona anyway, so the only reason to do this is to keep it in the public eye for the mouth breathers to support Romney (read that:  anyone but Obama).  Have you noticed yet that no one else is every bringing it up anymore?

This is the reason I don't watch so much TV -- I hate reruns.
Tags: did not do the research, haven't we suffered enough, infernal gall, news, politics, stupidity
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