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Faith Healing In A Healthly Debate

You know, I love my mother, but there's times I just want to punch her in the head.

Tonight, mom got a phone call from a local Congresswoman (she can't remember who, and my mom couldn't guess who her State Rep is if you gave her a scorecard) as a telephone based town hall discussion.

She is now fully in favor of Obamacare, and wanted me to know that all my concerns are not concerns at all.

My mind screamed, "NO PRISONERS!!!"

She started with small business owners' concerns that, with health care insurance rising, they won't be able to provide health insurance anymore, only big companies will, and that means people won't want to work for them.

Obamacare will add over $9 tril to the deficit.  How will that be paid for?  Taxes.  Higher taxes than they are paying now, because big companies have access to tax dodges that small and medium businesses don't.  And they'll wind up paying more in taxes than they ever would in health insurance.

"Well, what do you do about the increase in health insurance costs?"

Tort reform and eliminate venue shopping so that it's tougher for people to sue doctors for no valid reason (Illinois does not have a neurosurgeon because the insurance premiums are so high, one has to be brought in from out of state).  That will reduce how much they have to pay in insurance and send the costs of health care down.

"The government would allow you to choose government health care or keep your own."

But, even if you don't use it, you're still paying for it.  That's like me still making payments on cars I no longer own or drive.  Doesn't matter if I have a better vehicle, I still have to pay on those old ones in case someone else wants to use it.

"The government has a plan that sounds really good to run the whole thing."

The goverment.  The people who gave us FEMA, the IRS...the government can't deliver my mail!  Car dealers participating in Cash For Clunkers aren't getting $4,500 they are fronting people under the program, leaving them with old cars and a hit in the pocketbook!  The government is already trying to abuse my right to privacy!  And I'm supposed to trust them with my health insurance and personal information?!?  Answer me this:  everyone in America will have health insurance.  There will be no increase in the number of doctors.  You want to explain how THAT'S gonna work?

"Obama has a plan to give credits to people going to college to fill the demand."

Okay, let's take this to it's logical conclusion.  They won't be ready to treat for eight years.  During that time, we are still paying and still dealing with a shortage of doctors.  Then, these people who are going through school just for credits will enter the doctor ranks.  They won't be as good.  That means accidents, where people will be misdiagnosed and possibly die.  Which means more malpractice suits.  Who will pay for them?  The insurance companies, who will jack up their rates higher, which means taxpayers will be paying more to make up for it.  And what happens in eight years?  Oh, yeah...OBAMA WON'T BE PRESIDENT ANYMORE!

"Why do I bother trying to talk to you?"  She then offered to give me the rep's office phone number.  Because, you know, people hosting these meetings aren't ejecting dissenting opinions and are perfectly open to listening to people like me.

If you are wondering how this country got so politically fucked up, it's because they have the number of people like my mother.  Those of you who read my Stress Puppy comic strip know what I mean when I say I feel very misanthropic today....
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