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Peter G

To Serve And Neglect

And a tip of the hat to oxymoron67 for this.

Their names are Roy and Felix.  A friend of theirs is telling their story on the Democratic Underground website.

Roy and Felix are a gay couple.  An interracial gay couple.  They have adopted four kids from all ethnic backgrounds and one of them is mentally handicapped.

They originally lived in North Phoenix, AZ, but decided to move to Gilbert, AZ.

They wish they could move back.

Since their arrival, they have had people banging on their doors, things burned on their lawn, leaving anti-gay notes on their cars.

And then, the big one -- while they were out, someone broke into their house and wrote hate slogans on their walls.

Roy and Felix called the police.

The police are NOT investigating.

They feel they are bringing this on themselves for being gay, being interracial, having a mentally handicapped kid, etc.

Word is spreading, so hopefully, justice will eventually be done (they are currently staying with Roy's sister, they are too afraid to stay at the house).  While Roy tries to maintain stability for the kids, Felix has gone and had a little chat with not only the Gilbert Hate Crimes Unit, but also Gilbert Internal Affairs.

Please, God, let justice be done.
Tags: a hero among us, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, infernal gall, news, nightmare fuel, stupidity, this ought to be interesting, wrong on every level, wtf
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