Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

REMINDER: My Next Public Appearance Is Next Saturday At The Kankakee Fantasy Con!

So, next Saturday is the next big day.  I will be at the Kankakee Fantasy Con at the Kankakee Public Library.  It's from 10AM to 4PM, admission is free, and I'll be there.

So what can you expect to find from me there?  How about the next issue of Sound Waves a couple of weeks before it goes on sale?  Sound Waves #10 is my favorite issue so far, I'm real proud of this one.  You can also get a complete run of Red Riding Hood.  All four issues will be there.  The first one comes out in a few weeks, so you can actually get the entire thing before anyone else.  I'll also have the usual Hannah Singer books for sale.  And a few more copies of my Doctor Whooves -- Cloud Strife fan comic (one to a customer, I know who I've given copies to and who I haven't).
Tags: art, comic books, comics, doctor whooves, hannah singer, red riding hood, sound waves
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