Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Leaving Private Practice

So, today, I'm corresponding with Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool because I'm writing up next weekend's Kankakee Fantasy Con.  And as we go, I remember I'm working on a new Doctor Whooves fan comic.  (Why?  Because I can.  Seems a good enough reason for me.)

Bleeding Cool does a Christmas presents thing.  On Christmas Day, because it's a slow news day and everyone is preoccupied with family, he puts up a bunch of miscellaneous bits for fun.

Bleeding Cool runs fan art and has even run fan comics.  So, I took a shot in the dark and told him about my new Doctor Whooves fan comic and asked if he would be interested in running it on the site as part of the Christmas presents thing.

He said yes.

Doctor Whooves is going to be read by an international audience.

Now, this is also intimidating.  The site is CRAWLING with Doctor Who nuts, so this is like sitting down at the high roller table.  You good enough?

We'll find out on Christmas Day.....
Tags: art, be attitude for gains, bleeding cool, comic books, comics, doctor whooves, fandom wank, shameless whoring, technology is a beautiful thing, the crossover you've been waiting for, this ought to be interesting
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