Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Jerry Sandusky -- And That's Really All I Can Say

This is the conflict of being a good Christian.  We are supposed to forgive.  We are supposed to hope.  We are not supposed to wish Eternal Damnation on anyone.

But I don't think God is going to get upset about this time.

I hope Jerry Sandusky burns in Hell.  I hope he knows nothing but eternal pain and torture.  Because I believe in God's mercy, I believe it takes something really really horrible -- not bad, horrible -- for someone to go to Hell.  Sandusky is just such a person.

It's sort of like the debate over who is worse, Jason from Friday The 13th or Freddy from Nightmare On Elm Street.  Freddy is worse.  If Jason kills you, you're just dead.  Freddy steals your soul and continues to torment you long after he has destroyed you.

This is Sandusky.  Sandusky could have done one simple act of honor.  He and his lawyers saw the evidence against them thanks to disclosure.  He knew juries are very easy to convince to pot sexual predators of any kind.  Sandusky was offered a plea deal.  He still would have gone to jail, his life would still be over.  But it would have been over and done with right then and there.

And those kids would never have to testify.

But Sandusky decided to fight.  And there's no way he thought he could beat the rap.  There's only one reason he did it.

He did it to abuse those kids again.

Each one of those kids who testified had to look at that demon in court and relive the horrors again, in front of their families, reporters, jurors, the entire world.  Not once, but twice, because Sandusky's lawyers got to crossexamine them.

I admire those kids.  They were put through the wringer just because Sandusky wanted to.  And they stood up to him.  They did it.  They are brave.  They are heroes.

 But just because they succeeded doesn't mean they should have gone through it in the first place.

Sandusky could have spared them the pain and humiliation.  But he didn't.  Remember, a good lawyer keeps you out of court.  Sandusky went and did it.  Just like all those years ago, he didn't care who he hurt.

Supposedly, Sandusky is now on a suicide watch after being convicted on 45 of the 48 counts.  Why are we trying to stop him?  Why aren't we giving him a knife, pills, a gun, and a spot on top of the freeway overpass and saying, "Take your pick?"  And then finishing him with whatever is left?

Recovering from sexual assault is very difficult.  Those kids and untold countless others have to spend every day walking through the gauntlet their emotions and values creates.  Some find peace eventually.  Many do not, however.

Sandusky deserve Hell.  Plain and simple.
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