Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Back To The Old Drawing Board

So, I'm working on the third Doctor Whooves story, Time Out Of Mind, and in it, I give Twilight Sparkle, my companion for the Doctor, her own sonic screwdriver.

I was thinking about how to draw it when I thought, Why stop there?  You have an eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver to model your art on.  Build a model for Twilight's sonic screwdriver.  Not only will it be nifty, but you'll have a special sonic screwdriver!

As I discussed this with some people, they asked me if I could make them a Twilight sonic screwdriver as well.

So, as I started mulling it over, my qualifications were simple.  It had to have simple parts and construction so that it could be taken apart and fixed if needed (I won't be around forever, after all).  And it had to be cheap so I could make as many of these as requested without busting my bank account.

Well, I'm officially declaring this dead in the water.

The problem is the implementation.  Inside was a simple circuit, a purple LED at the end and a buzzer to provide noise powered by three AAA batteries.  The circuit was built and tested.  Worked like a dream.

I wanted to make the basic body out of PVC pipe.  This was the first problem.  To get the push button switch to fit, I had to use 3/4" pipe, which makes it a little girthier than my actual eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver.  Now, not much a problem, I admit.  It's bulky, but tolerable.

The problem came when I tried to build the rest of it and fit in the switch (roughly the halfway point) and the three batteries.  It added a LOT of length to the final prototype.  It was roughly twice as long as my regulation sonic screwdriver and looked more like a miniature light saber than a sonic screwdriver.  Yes, the Doctor sometimes wears clothes with pockets bigger on the inside than the outside, but a sonic screwdriver should NOT require a holster.

Now, I can easily engineer something that will look the part, but it will take a lot more time to build, cost a whole lot more, and make it very tough for someone other than me to maintain.  Hell, even I might not be able to maintain it.  Maybe I'll revisit this at a later date.  But for now, the Twilight Sparkle edition sonic screwdriver is chucked back in the junk drawer.

So those of you I said I'd give you one?  I apologize, but it won't be happening for a while....
Tags: doctor whooves, fandom wank, my little pony friendship is magic, school of life is in session, science in action, technology is a beautiful thing, wrong on every level
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