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It's So Ironic, I Need A Tetanus Shot!

M$ has been threatening Linux with patents, claiming infringement without providing any proof.  Most of us believe that SCO was specifically financed to test M$' theories in court without them being involved -- hey, M$ isn't suing IBM and everyone, SCO is!  Don't look at us!

M$ learned the hard way that the FOSS community doesn't take kindly to threats.  They tried suing TomTom over their use of Linux.  Not only did the open source community rise up again, but Red Hat and a bunch of others are trying to get the FAT32 patent, one of the swords M$ loves to rattle, overturned.  Also, there's those pesky regulations, antitrust, counterclaims, and so on to deal with.

M$ decided to auction off some patents recently, 22 of them to be precise.  And they were patents for things Linux potentially infringes on.  It was invitation only, Linux companies weren't invited.  Just lots of companies with access to litigators and no real product.

The patents were bought up by Allied Security Trust.

Once AST completed purchase of the patents, they sold them to the Open Invention Network, the group that uses patents to protect Linux against things like what M$ is trying to pull.  The OIN forced M$ to abandon the TomTom lawsuit within a week with what they had.  Now, they have TomTom's patents.  And also these 22 that M$ is so sure Linux was infringing on.

Now you know why I put the Kermit And Piggy icon up instead of Tux.  This is just too hilarious.  You mess with one of us?  YOU MESS WITH ALL OF US!

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