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Sound Waves -- And Now For Something Completely Different

Back in July, my buddy mornblade decided to write a fanfic based on my characters from Sound Waves and mixing it with Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.  He told me that, if I wanted to reprint it here on my blog, I was more than welcome to.  I originally wanted to wait until the season premiere of Dollhouse, but Sound Waves #2 will be available next week, and thought I would do this now.  So here, with a tip of the hat, take it away, buddy!

The Singing Doll

“Hello, Echo.” said Topher as the beautiful young lady entered the room.


“Please have a seat and we'll get started with your treatment.”

She sat down and leaned her head back. The chair reclined and the process of imprinting began. A new custom made identity wrote itself onto the blank slate of the doll's mind. An identity with it's own memories, skills, and personal drives. Making her into the person that a very wealthy client needed. Only the computer knew the nature of the mission, but Topher had written the identity to meet and exceed the parameters that the computer called for.

The process compete, the chair rises and the new identity takes over.

“Hello, Rhapsody.”


A tall black man entered the room.

“Rhapsody, this is Boyd, he is going to take you home.”

“Hello, Rhapsody.” said Boyd. “We had better getting going, so you can get some sleep tonight. I hear you have a long day planned for tomorrow.”

“Yes, we are going on a boat trip. I love the ocean. I like to sing it's songs.”

“I bet you do.”

“Goodbye, Rhapsody”, said Topher.

“Thank you. Bye.”

And with that, Boyd took her to the home of the client. Who lead her to a bedroom, where she slept, dreaming of the ocean depths.

While on the boat the next day, she wanted to sing to her “parents”, but her “little brother” made a terrible mistake while trying to impress her and the trip was cut short. When they went ashore, the rest of the family went to the house, but Rhapsody stayed and sat on the end of the dock. She didn't know why she stayed, she just felt she had to. She didn't know that embedded in the personality she had been given was an uncontrollable urge to sing the song of the ocean.

And so she did. While her “father” watched through binoculars at a safe distance, she sang the song she had heard on the waves. She sang with all of her saddened heart. Until suddenly she was drawn out of the song by the presence of the mermaid. She was shocked, but not scared. They talked for a while, never knowing that pictures were being taken that would prove the existence of the creature that most people believed to be a myth.

Soon they would part ways, the human world would know of the existence of mermaids, and Rhapsody would once again be Echo.
snap snap snap snap snap.....
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