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Heeeeeeere, Chick Chick Chick Chick....

One of the things about public controversy is the fact that it goes past a line.  It goes from something everyone has an opinion about to a way for everyone to publicly declare, "I'M A MORON!"

Before I get to it, I want to frame this with an illustrating example.

Most of you know about my Hannah Singer stories.  For those who came in late, it's about a defense attorney for your soul who stands up for you after you die to save you from being condemned to Hell.  It's primarily a courtroom drama.

One of the most interesting lost sales I had was a guy who I explained the concept to him and he thumbed through the book.  He put it down and said he would never buy it.  He was a Christian, and was offended by the moralism of the stories -- he seemed especially annoyed at my suggestion that Atheists can get into Heaven if they've led a good enough life, they don't have to believe.  The only thing I could do was shrug.  We each had our beliefs, and ultimately, no matter how wrong each of us thought the other was, we had to live and let live.  He went off, probably to find someone to support who projected his beliefs, and I went back to working the crowd.

When it comes to doing things that make no fucking sense, religion is the most fertile breeding ground.  As we've seen with the sudden controversy surrounding the fast food chain, Chick-Fil-A.

Chick-Fil-A is a chicken chain based in the South that supposedly has great food.  I don't know, I've never eaten there, for reasons I will get to anon.  A few years ago, Chick-Fil-A decided to aggressively expand, and started opening restaurants here in the Chicago area (it's expansion is what prompted McDonald's to start offering "Southern-style" fare, such as the sweetened iced tea and the Southern Chicken Sandwich).  One Chick-Fil-A that opened in the area literally had people lined up down the block before it opened the first day.  I hate waiting in line, and figured I'd give it a try one day.

Well, that window closed pretty quick.  The company was founded by S. Truett Cathy, a Southern Baptist.  Longtime readers already know I have an axe to grind with Southern Baptists.  Cathy is a fundie and damn proud of it, frequently using his position in the chain as well as the chain itself to promote his views.  I found out about this during the hubbub over California's Proposition 8.  Cathy issued a "Who asked you?" press release stating that he supported Prop 8 on religious grounds and he didn't care if that cost him sales.  Well, that killed any appetite I had for Chick-Fil-A -- I'd go to Hooters for the food before I ever went there (seriously, have you had the Hooters chicken wings?  The sauce tastes like garbage, literally, and leaves a horrible aftertaste.  I've been told, "You don't go there for the food, Peter."  That?  I believe).  Apparently, people like me making our little social protest are in the minority.  Chick-Fil-A's are sprouting up in the Chicago area like dandelions.  And we can't even get a Checkers back.

Cathy apparently missed having an issue to promote his ethical superiority with.  He recently reiterated his stance that he felt gay marriage was wrong.  People like me just went, "Yes, we know, thank you," and went on about our business.  But somehow, the general public was caught by surprise.  There is now controversy in the Chicago area.  There's people like me who disagree and are refusing to eat there.  There's people who agree with him and are stating that is the primary reason they eat there.  We each are voting with our wallets.

And then, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel got into the fray.  Rahm is saying that Cathy's stance is religiously intolerant and offensive and he should change his message, his ways, or just shut up.

So what's the problem?  After all, Rahm is doing the same thing we all do, saying what we think of someone's opinion and what they should do to change it, right?

The problem is Rahm has met with the Nation Of Islam's Louis Farrakhan.  The guy who says Jews are evil and Hitler was a great man.  For all the stupidity of Cathy's stance, he's not advocating the extermination of an entire religious/ethnic group.  I'd sooner have a prayer breakfast with Cathy than Farrakhan.  

Actually, I'd rather skip a prayer breakfast with either of them.  And you can now add Rahm to the "no call, no show" list.
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