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Meeting today.

The mandatory overtime will continue for at least another month, it will easily stretch into September.


Between this cutting into my spare time and actual articles that build the resume from Bleeding Cool and Video Game Trader, I've had to face the facts and shuffle my personal schedule a little.  For example, I have now cancelled my trip to Florida this year.  Oh, I could go easily, no problem.  But I wanted to go to Jules' Undersea Lodge this year.  And with all this overtime, I haven't had time to get PADI certified.  Which means I'd go there and spend my time couped up in there instead of frolicking with the fishies. Not good enough, and I have no interest in going to Florida again without going there.  So I'm rolling the money from this year's vacation into next year (and I will mark the grave of any manager that pulls this never-ending overtime shit again).

I've also had to reconsider my project schedule for my writing and such, since for four months plus, I've had little time to do anything and have been burning through the backlog I created to stay ahead of schedule.  For those of you following my projects, here's how things are looking now:

HANNAH SINGER BOOK 3:  This one hurts.  I really wanted to have "Hope Springs Eternal" out by the end of this year.  I was originally shooting for September 29 again.  When the overtime started, I let it slip to November 1.  But this is just too much.  There is no way I can finish the two stories I want to include in this volume, proof them all, order the proof, and so on, by then.  There just isn't enough time.  So HSE has been pushed out to early next year, with a target release date of February 13, 2013.

SOUND WAVES #11 AND #12:  Good news for fans of Rhapsody and Melody -- the plan was to have five issues of Sound Waves out this year, released every two months to allow myself a couple of months in case things went screwy.  When I pushed #10 to a July release, 11 and 12 moved to September and November, respectively.  I'm relatively confident that I won't have to push them out the extra month.  Lettering and final layouts on #11 will begin after the ChicagoCon, so I should be able to make September, and 12 should also be on schedule.

RED RIDING HOOD:  All four issues were done at the start of the year, all set, the printer is just waiting for me to say, "Go ahead and list them."  So the schedule (#2 in August, #3 in September, and #4 in October) will not be blown.

DOCTOR WHOOVES -- NIGHT OF THE LIVING DOLL:  This one debuts on Christmas Day.  The overtime will be over with by then.  Looking to still be on schedule.

TOOB RAIDER:  This one will also be ready by the end of the year, no firm date set yet.

SAFE PASSAGE:  Pushed out to 2014.  I haven't even had time to work on the character designs for any of the characters other than Richelle Ledford, the series star.  Still need to finish one script and write another.  And it's going to be done in the moody, more realistic style of Head Above Water than the cartoony minimalism of Sound Waves, so it's going to take longer to draw.  No way it will be ready this coming year.

SOUND WAVES ATARI 2600 GAME:  Don't get excited just yet, this is just an idea I was playing around with.  Before I really get started on it, I need to do some R&D to make sure I can make the game work (it's not unusual for people to take three years to make an Atari game.  I'm too impatient for that).  That means code snippets and testing.  No time for that right now.  R&D will start sometime next year, probably around January.  If the game is feasible, I'll come up with a time table after that.

I think that's everything that I've been cooking up.  I'll let you know if things change.
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