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I've long complained that part of the reason I don't read many Marvels anymore is I don't "recognize" the characters.  They are so different from what they were for no real reason that makes sense to me (Scott Summers, for example) that I can't just read the stories.

When Len Wein first came up with Wolverine, his idea was that Wolverine was actually a wolverine that the High Evolutionary made into a human, hence the reason Logan was always more animal than man.

Since then, Wolverine got a proper origin in the form of Weapon X, a covert Canadian operation.  Weapon X has since become the herpes of the Marvel Universe, spreading hither and yon from Deadpool to X-23 to Captain America (yes, he got mixed up in Weapon X, too).

Wolverine's origin is being constantly revised, with each "surprise twist" becoming more outlandish.  But it looks like Loeb has finally done it.  He's come up with a twist that even he won't be able to top.  Here's the panels.


Yes.  Apparently, we are going Total Recall here.

Anyone else need a good stiff drink right about now?
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