Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Why I Love Indie Comic Creators

Bob Burden is a great guy.  He is the creator of the Flaming Carrot.  Those of you not so into indie comics might know him better as the creator of the Mystery Men.  Burden has a warped perspective and is just great.

Burden, like most of us, does comic conventions to sell his stuff and make some headway in the increasing restrictive world of comics.  But he not only needs to publish his stuff, but traveling is expensive.  He's decided to turn to Kickstarter to raise funds, $30,000.  So what makes this so special?

Burden says that, if he hits $30,000, he will arrvie at his next convention appearance in a cocoon that he will burst out of on the floor in front of everybody.  "Sure to be a YouTube sensation."

The best part?  He is on track to hit that goal before DragonCon, one of the biggest conventions.  God bless Bob Burden.

So everybody?  Let's show Marvel and DC how comic creators REALLY have fun with the fans.  I will be contributing, and watching very closely.
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