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Rob Liefeld is an asshole.

Not a douche.  Not a dick.  He's an asshole.

Yes, I said it.  And if you want, you can put me in front of the biggest panel room at C2E2 (probably right before their next Doctor Who panel) and I'll scream it from my lungs loud enough to be heard without a mic.

Liefeld has thrown away any last vestige of respectibility or "Just ignore him, maybe he'll leave you alone" yesterday.  You may recall that Liefeld decided to start an Internet slap fight with Tom Breevort, a man who seems to revel in talking smack on the Marvel message board.  Not a good idea.  This is entertaining to watch, but is not the PNR (Point Of No Return) for Liefeld's rep.

It all started with a Tweet from Liefeld that seemed like it was meant to be a private message, not a public one, directed at Scott Snyder, currently the showrunner (or Head Writer, as the editorial staff refers to such people) for the Batman titles at DC.  The Tweet said:

"It’s not you. It never has been. It’s Batman."

This left a lot of people scratching their heads, and some asked what was going on.  Instead of saying, "It's a private discussion, piss off," Liefeld decided to take the private conversation public:

"From Scott Snyder – I can assure you batman doesn’t sell the way it does because it’s Batman. It sells that way because of me and Greg.

"Get over yourself you pretentious prick @Ssnyder1835

"Been berated in DM’s by @Ssnyder1835 this morning. Excuse me if I don’t marvel at your amazing abilities to write Batman. Piss off.

"I’d like to think that if your going to wave your ego around on Batman you’d remember all that came before you. Holeee crap

"Average Batman book sells 80k. ‘Nuff said."

Wait a minute...wasn't Liefeld one of those people back in 1992 telling people that the creators sell comic books and not the characters?  Why, yes.  Yes, I believe he was.

With the cat out of the bag, Snyder jumped in (which didn't help.  Not because it's a flame war with Rob Liefeld, but DC's forums automatically report certain Tweets from their creators, so some people were reading part of a very confusing conversation).

Scott: Nice! Your Twitter feeds the best thing you’ve written all year :-)  (Oh, that was GOOD! -- G)

Rob: Of course, because its not edited

Scott: Aw, I’ll give you credit Rob! :) Batman might sell inspite of me and @GregCapullo as u say, but deathstroke & Hawkman failed because of you!

Credit where it’s due, brother :-) and that’s all I’ll say on that. Ah, comics. 
(For those who don't know, part of what started the "Liefeld is a swipe artist" hunt was when Liefeld complained and said, "If there's one thing I'm a stickler for, it's credit.  Give it where it's due." -- G)

Rob: my sales went up on those books @Ssnyder1835 sorry bud.

(Let's take a closer look at that claim, shall we?  Here's the official sales figures, complete with percentage change, from Diamond, the only stats anyone cares about:

02/2012: Savage Hawkman #6 -- 21,316 (-11.1%)
03/2012: Savage Hawkman #7 -- 19,433 (- 8.8%)
04/2012: Savage Hawkman #8 -- 18,300 (- 5.8%)
05/2012: Savage Hawkman #9 -- 17,626 (- 3.7%)
06/2012: Savage Hawkman #10 -- 16,417 (- 6.9%)

12/2011: Deathstroke #4 -- 26,367 (-21.9%)
01/2012: Deathstroke #5 -- 23,872 (- 9.5%)
02/2012: Deathstroke #6 -- 21,306 (-10.8%)
03/2012: Deathstroke #7 -- 19,744 (- 7.3%)
04/2012: Deathstroke #8 -- 18,834 (- 4.6%)
05/2012: Deathstroke #9 -- 20,878 (+10.9%)
06/2012: Deathstroke #10 -- 19,722 (- 5.5%)

02/2012: Grifter #6 -- 18,057 (-10.0%)
03/2012: Grifter #7 -- 16,559 (- 8.3%)
04/2012: Grifter #8 -- 15,686 (- 5.3%)
05/2012: Grifter #9 -- 15,228 (- 2.9%)
06/2012: Grifter #10 -- 14,258 (- 6.4%)

09/2011: Hawk & Dove #1 -- 42,294 [47,999]
10/2011: Hawk & Dove #2 -- 36,068 (-14.7%)
11/2011: Hawk & Dove #3 -- 27,464 (-23.9%)
12/2011: Hawk & Dove #4 -- 20,016 (-27.1%)
01/2012: Hawk & Dove #5 -- 17,528 (-12.4%)
02/2012: Hawk & Dove #6 -- 15,879 (- 9.4%)
03/2012: Hawk & Dove #7 -- 14,146 (-10.9%)
04/2012: Hawk & Dove #8 -- 13,480 (- 4.7%)

Long story short -- you fail, but thanks for trying.  -- G)

Scott: Lol. And you can put that in your pouch and keep it for later :-)  (I don't know about you, but I'm starting to think Snyder is a very funny guy.  -- G)

Rob: one word, HAUNT. 2 words SWAMP THING – not all creations equal

Batman is the number one selling character in the history of the biz. Period. End of story. Will endure beyond creator careers

Okay, pretty good as far as Internet feuds go, I'm sure you'll agree.  And Liefeld is behaving the way he always has, nothing special here.  So what puts him in the "asshole" category?

Well, after this exchange, Liefeld took pictures of the private conversation with Snyder and posted them publicly for people to read.

Can someone tell me what kind of moron running a Windows OS doesn't know how to do a proper screen grab, and instead takes pictures of his (cracked) monitor?

Snyder decided to try and scale things back a bit.

Scott: Lol! my good buddy Rob posted our conversation. I think it says all there is to say about the matter. No? :-)

And… back to our regularly scheduled programming: I’ll echo what my brother @GregCapullo said before. All of us on team Batman are extremely proud of the success, and that success is due to your support. But as the team on the book, if we didn’t believe that your incredible & humbling support was due at least a little to us doing a somewhat decent job -if we sat back and said – batman sells batman- what sort of book would that engender? We HAVE to think the sales are because you guys like what we’re doing on the book. It fuels us to continue to do stories that matter to us, knowing that you’re telling us you like what we’re giving you, on a character that means everything to us both. that’s it. I will not fight or post another negative tweet about Rob or anyone. And, I want to say sorry to you all and no one else -to you, the fans of comics, not just me or Rob- for bothering with this. It’s a waste and we should be pushing the good not attacking each other. And I’m guilty of that too. So I’m sorry to you for going negative. Thx to those of you who reminded me of that.

No need to apologize, Snyder.  Besides, your comments about his writing and the pouch were golden, dude.

That is what makes Liefeld an asshole.  That was a PRIVATE conversation.  Instead of respecting privacy or acting like a fucking grown-up, he puts up something for the sole purpose of making Snyder look bad.

Fuck you, Rob Liefeld.  I sincerely hope, with all the bridges you've burned, we'll never have to deal with you ever again.
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