Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Doctor Who -- Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

The Doctor kissed Rory.

Oh, lord, the fanfic....

The Doctor sure seems like Pepe le Pew -- he clearly has hormones, but when chased, he just wants to get away.  I've complained Matt Smith's Doctor can seem like a petulant little kid.  Maybe, despite this incarnation being over 200 years old, he really is a little kid.  Maybe he needs a normal, no frills regeneration.  Maybe Romana had the right idea after all.

Just how interconnected were the Daleks, and where were they in time?  Was it just that Solomon isn't as plugged in as he thinks, was the Doctor that careful, or was Oswin's data wipe last week more extensive than we realized?

I wonder if, somewhere, Davros spit his teeth.  He famously said the Doctor uses people, turns them into weapons.  Not this time.  He killed Solomon.  He could have brought him back on the ship and tranqed him to keep him from using the teleporters (they took out dinos, after all), but no.  He left him on the ship he was using as a decoy and let him die.  The Doctor, who tried to save Davros, let the helpless Solomon die.  Now, whether or not he deserved it (I personally think he did) is beside my point.  The Doctor doesn't act like this with Rory and Amy around.  I wonder if that is why the Doctor needs companions -- they keep him emotionally grounded.

Am I the only one who thought, when Solomon talked about something far more valuable, he was refering to the TARDIS and not Nefertiti?

I did smirk at the end, when the ship needed two people "of the same gene chain" to operate.  Once again, the TARDIS took the Doctor where he needed to be, even if he didn't realize it at the time.  He needed Rory's dad, and the TARDIS made sure he got him.

Yeah.  I would have been looking at the Earth at the end there, too.
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