Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Doctor Who -- A Town Called Mercy

Was the ending a reference to The Three Amigos and how they defeated El Guapo?  Just wondering.

Yup.  The Doctor blames himself, all right.

Also pegged that the Doctor's companions keep him in check.  But for how long?  This Doctor is becoming the most fatalistic and intolerant of any of them so far, even the Ninth.  The Doctor spent 200 years running from what was to happen to him.  Did he learn more about himself during that time than we realize?

Best line is in the saloon.  "Leave the bag in."  God, that was funny.

Pretty straightforward episode.  Great episode, but pretty straightforward.  Not a lot of portents of doom here.

Or are there?

This is two episodes in a row where the Doctor mentions his Christmas list.  And the Christmas episode is supposed to be the end for Amy and Rory.

Every episode has featured flickering light bulbs.  That ALWAYS means something foreboding is about to happen.

Talk about relative morality.

My personal favorite Harry Potter book is Chamber Of Secrets because, after seeing how everything ends, that book is the first one where what will come to pass takes center stage.

Could A Town Called Mercy have a similar pedigree?
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