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Doctor Who -- The Power Of Three

There's that imploring not to forget.  This time, the Doctor saying he's afraid the Ponds will fade from his memory.  Uh oh....

I like how these episodes have one huge laugh getter in each.  Amy's reaction to the cube playing "The Chicken Dance" was such a howl.  Didn't go for the obvious "What a horror!" but the complete and utter bewilderment and WTF.

Something really bad is coming here.  The opening had lightning patches zapping the TARDIS as it traveled through the time tunnel.  More flickering lights.  And don't forget, that's the harbinger of the Weeping Angels.  The Doctor, more or less forgotten, but the daughter of the Brigadier remembers him without meeting him.

I will say I think this episode is actually pretty sloppy.  One of the things I didn't like about Tom Baker's Doctor was his convenient callousness, such as leaving the man to be brainwashed in The Sun Makers.  Did they leave, like, five people behind on that exploding spaceship at the end?  Way too many coincidences to move the plot along.  The boxes were empty.  Bull.  Shit.  Where did the spikes and stuff come from?  Instead of seizing on that, Oh!  They're empty!

And that also goes for the sonic screwdriver.  Part of Davies and then Moffats instructions are the sonic screwdriver is not a miracle device that fixes everything at the end when nothing else can be thought of.  This was very close to going over that line.

The thing is, I liked the first half better.  Just seeing everybody forced into downtime.  The Doctor is like Peter Pan, and the TARDIS is his Neverland.  And sooner or later, those with him grow up and move on, leaving him the eternal adolescent...wait.  There's that "the Doctor is a petulant kid" again.

What, exactly, is the order for these episodes?  The Ponds' relationship (and the reactions of those around them, especially Rory's dad) seems kind of uneven given they were getting divorced and then reconciled.  Are we seeing them out of sync with the Doctor, sort of like Riversong?
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