Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

We're All Bozos On This Bus

So, the Taylor Swift - Kanye West fiasco continues to smolder like a campfire keeping you from leaving the site until it is gone.  Lots of people were thinking the whole exchange was staged.

Admittedly, MTV awards are notorious for pulling stunts.  And they all subscribe to the prankster's First Rule -- make it credible, and the marks will convince themselves to fall for it.  Case in point:  a while ago, Sasha Cohen was in character as Bruno and a malfunction with the areal apparatus made him land square on Eminem, teabagging him.  Eminem doesn't get many marks from me.  He tried starting a feud with Moby, a Christian pacifist known among us music fans for making us search through 45 versions of a song just to find the one we liked on the radio (he's a techno musician, so remixes of his songs multiply like gerbils).  He acted tough on camera, fighting with Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, a one-joke, unfunny puppet.  Notice he didn't try fighting the puppeteer, but the puppet.  When you not only lose a fight with a puppet, but actually make that particular puppet entertaining for once, you're a loser.  Anyway, it turns out it was staged, but given the thing about Triumph, I certainly bought it.

The constant stunts was how I figured Kanye got onstage during Swift's speech in the first place -- stagehands probably figured it was another stunt and just stood back, not realizing it wasn't part of the show, like the folks performing while Soy Bomb guy danced like a stoner having a spaz attack.  People had been wondering Kanye's whole thing was staged or not.

Well, here's the first indicator that the tinfoil hat crowd might be on to something --

Kanye West and Taylor Swift have the same agent.

It may have backfired, as while Swift is gaining lots of sympathy points, Kanye is losing fans because he has acted like a douche one time too many.

So don't rule out a publicity stunt just yet.  Because Swift's agent's whole job is to make her more famous.  If so, he did it brilliantly.
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