Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Knives Don't Have Your Back

Branford Marsalis stated one of my favorite phrases ever, when he talked about "when America becomes itself."

And tomorrow, we do our part to make that happen.

Tomorrow, everyone able to needs to go out and vote.

I can hear some of you thinking, "But Peter, my vote is mathematically insignificant, either because of numbers in the state or the Electoral College.  Why should I bother?"

Well, I thought you'd never ask.  Believe it or not, your vote is still important.

Let's suppose you vote traditional two-party, D's or R's.  Let's suppose you are enthused about one of these two candidates.

And let's suppose, for the sake of argument, that the candidate you support loses.

Question:  did you waste your vote?

Answer:  not in the least.

This election is going to be close.  And your vote serves as a message to whoever wins -- we are watching.  You didn't win by a landslide, you won by a narrow margin.  Enough that, if your support erodes just a little bit, you lose.

This is what makes your vote so important, even if the candidate you choose doesn't win.  This gives politicians a snapshot of America, one they ignore at their own peril.  They can see who is mobilized against them.  And it reminds them to be afraid, as what they have gained can be easily lost.

Polls are bullshit, plain and simple.  Elections carry so much weight because you aren't talking about a cherry-picked group of likely voters where you can predict the outcome enough to support your agenda.  You are talking about everyone who bothers to vote, everyone who is aware of the power they hold in their hands and is ready to exercise it.  What will inspire people to support you or abandon you.  You can't pick and choose from them, you can't stop them.  They will hold people accountable for what they hoped to do, for what they did.  "People should not be afraid of their governments.  Governments should be afraid of their people."  And every two years, that is exactly what happens.

When you surrender your vote to the cynicism that it doesn't matter, that is how Evil wins.  That is the first step to making your vote truly not matter, to create a dictatorship of the privileged few.  The Founding Fathers created the system to make sure those running Congress are our servants, not our masters.

Prove the Founding Fathers were right to put their faith in the common man.

Go out tomorrow and vote.

See you on the other side....
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