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Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter. Get Mine While You're Down There.

Spoiler alert:  this post talks about cheerleaders.  I mention this because some of you might be wondering why I'm using the userpic I am instead of the "This Makes Me Moist" one.  I will explain anon.

The Dallas Mavericks basketball team started its season on the road, and recently returned for a three game homestand.  Lots of NBA teams have cheerleaders, and Dallas (home of the Cowboys football team that made sports cheerleaders a cultural phenomena) has one of their own.  During the homestand, the cheerleaders revealed their new uniforms for the year.  Let's take a look....

Dallas Mavericks Dancers

People are complaining that the uniforms are too sexy, showing too much skin, and are shameful.  Let's take a look at the puritanical outfits the cheerleaders wore last year:

Mav Dancers 2009

Oh, the difference is night and day!  No wonder people are so upset.

I'm sorry, but this amuses me.  As Molly Ivins so rightly pointed out about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, they are open air coochie girls.  Their whole purpose is to look sexy.  The closest you will get to a modest cheerleader outfit is at either 1) a religious school or 2) on the male side of the squad (you've seen how the guys dress, they don't have to show the goods like the women do).  Halter tops, bare bellies, panty shots, all this has been going on for decades, but THIS is going over the line.

Hypocrisy is everywhere, but nowhere is it more obvious than when sex is involved.
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