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Good morning, Gabe Newell!

Gabe is a great guy who is also the founder and head of Valve Software, who gave us Half Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and the amazingly awesome Portal.  When Epic and id were working on Linux versions of their games, Valve decided to stick to Windows and later the Mac.  Valve came up with the Steam client, a download app for software for their games.

Gabe has been very outspoken in his criticism of Windows 8, and his fears that the PC market will contract and anyone counting on M$ is going to lose.  So what is Gabe's solution?

Gabe has created a Steam client for Linux.  As in, it runs natively, no need for Wine or Crossover.

And that will go for the software, too.

What is the reaction of the Linux community to this?  Valve is looking for beta testers for when the service goes live soon.  600,000 people have signed up.  Only a small percentage of them will be accepted, but a workaround has been discovered that will let anyone download and run the beta.  Valve is aware of this.  They are doing nothing to plug the hole.  Read into that what you will.

Linux continues to grow, and doesn't need to push new hardware.  Plus, even going under the glue layer of Wine or Crossover, Valve projects run faster, more stable, and with better resolution than under the equivalent machine running Windows bloatware.

Welcome to the revolution, Valve.  You're going to be made very welcome here.

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