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When The System Fails Us, We Must Look Out For Each Other

Readers!  Come and honor heroes among us!

Welcome to Queen Creek High School in Queen Creek, Arizona.  A girl name Chy Johnson started school as a freshman there recently.

Johnson has a brain disorder.

So, to review, she's mentally handicapped, new to the school, and unable to defend herself.

She's a target.

Kids immediately began picking on her, at one point throwing trash at her.  School administrators did nothing.

In desperation, Johnson's mother went through her social contacts for anyone who had another kid at the school who could tell her who the other girls picking on her daughter were.  Only one name popped up -- a boy named Carson Jones.  He came up with the names of the girls, but he decided that wasn't enough.

Jones is a senior.  He's also good looking.  He's also the starting quarterback for the school's football team.  In other words, in the world of high school, he's the alpha male.  And he decided to use his powers for good.  He had lunch with Johnson every day.  And he got some of his buddies on the football team to walk Johnson to class when he couldn't.  Every trip down the hall, Johnson was accompanied by a small army.

An army that grew.

Most of the football players are now escorting Johnson and watching out for her.  They get no pay.  All they get is the thanks of Johnson and her mother.  And that's enough for them.  "It feels good to know that we helped someone else, because you know, we're doing good, everything for us is going well, but someone else needs to feel good, too."  That's a quote from Queen Creek senior Tucker Workman.

And the bullying of Johnson has stopped completely.

I take back every cheap shot I ever took at high school football players.  Hell, I take back every cheap shot I ever took at high schoolers.  My high school life was Hell.  But this shows me not to lump them all together.  There are good ones out there, and they do come through.


Come and honor these heroes among us.
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