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Jersey Shore -- As In, Jersey Shore Don't Like When You Fuck With 'Em!

If Rob Liefeld ever grew a brain, he'd take it out of his head and play with it.

For those of you who don't know, Ethan Van Sciver is a comic book writer and artist who cut his teeth on CyberFrog for Hall Of Heroes (I did an interview with him years ago after Harris Comics took it over).  Sciver is from Joisey.  Which means he has 1) a killer sense of humor and 2) an attitude that could melt plexiglass.  He's a great guy (anyone who draws a comic where a character has a Lethargic Lad poster on his wall is okay in my book), but remember, he's from Joisey.  He will throw down with you.  His rap sheet includes:

1)  Running Rob Granito off from the convention circuit (he was doing pretty good with this on his own, but brought in Mark Waid for a shits and giggles team up)

2)  Doing a charity fundraiser where he drew a sketch and signed another person's sketch, "taking credit" for it.  The next artist drew a sketch and signed Van Sciver's.  This went on until everyone "Granito'ed" each other's art.

3)  Brought an electronic keyboard into the Artist Alley to screw with, annoying others around him like Mike Mignola.  Van Sciver's respons to the Twitter bitching was to actually get space in convention panels rooms to do "concerts" with songs like "Wolverine Is Gay".  Trust me, he sounds better than anyone on the Tails Forum.

Now, Van Sciver is a political conservative, who said in an interview that seeing artists draw Barack Obama as Superman bugged the piss out of him.  (It's what makes him and Mark Waid such odd bedfellows -- Waid is a staunch liberal.  They razz each other, but they never get mean or insulting.  They push each other's buttons and that's pretty much it.)  In the days leading up to the election, Van Sciver was stumping hard for Mitt Romney and talking about how Mittens had this in the bag.

And then, November 6th.

Shortly afterward, Van Sciver wrote on his Facebook:

"Conservatives who are bitter, please follow my awesome example.  You know that even when I'm wrong, I'm right, yes?  Obama won a second term, and by a very slim margin.  He says he's listened and learned.  I'm going to go easy on Barack for a year, and give him the benefit of a doubt.  I will become a fan of his, (if not his policies) if he's a big enough man to go to Congress and say, "the last four years didn't work out between us.  Let's start over again."  And then actually listen, instead of saying, "Well, I won." again.

"A lot of goofy Leftist stuff is going to be implemented.  Those are the spoils of victory.  But this is still about jobs.  Let's watch and see and hope that things are different this time.  Maybe Bill Clinton taught him something."

I'm sure you will agree with me that that is a very mature and reasoned response to his candidate losing the election.

But this is political discussion.  Maturity and reason have no place here.

Liefeld?  You're live on Twitter.  What would you like to say about Mr. Van Sciver?

"Some people over on Facebook made complete asses of themselves for months.  Crickets over there now.  My timeline thanks them."

"Trust me, it's us disgusted by you moron."

"This guy online is such an idiot.  Acted the fool online for MONTHS, now he is a political healer urging tolerance.  Can bear no more."

"Sorry, my earlier statement is about a loud mouth conservative who was as divisive as possible over last 3 months."

"Nah, last thing this guy needs is more attention RT @marvelzombiek @robertliefeld who is it?"

"I did not read a more insulting thread and postings than this guy now he's all " follow my example: ??? Dude, you are a douche."

"Unfriended, unfollowed this dork.  Moving on...."

Yes.  Rob Liefeld is picking a fight with Ethan Van Sciver.


Van Sciver wrote:

"Rob Liefeld is trash-talking me on Twitter because I am being a peacemaker over Obama.  I told him I'd check and see if that improves his Approval Rating. :)

"Twitterers, if you want to, feel free to ask @RobertLiefeld to be more polite.  Hashtag might be #BeLikeEVS"

That jerked the stopper.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy these choice tweets:

"@robertliefeld @EthanVanSciver isn't upping the sales for dark knight.  In my LCS orders went up more than all your dc books total #belikeevs"

"@robertliefeld Remember, when filling out job applications, print legibly and thank the manager for their time and consideration.  #BeLikeEVS"

"I once saw @EthanVanSciver save a baby from drowning, help elderly cross a road and saved 18 stray dogs, by 9 am.  @RobertLiefeld #BeLikeEVS"

"@robertliefeld It is both proper and decent to call a date the night after to thank them for a wonderful evening #BeLikeEVS"

"@robertliefeld Remember Ethan always says that double-dipping is a serious no-no.  Dip only once.  It's the right thing to do.  #BeLikeEVS"

"When under the weather, @EthanVanSciver ALWAYS makes sure to sneeze into his elbow.  @RobertLiefeld, #BeLikeEVS."

"@EthanVanSciver once drew feet for a legless man and they turned into magical real appendages.  That helped him fly. @RobertLiefeld #BeLikeEVS"

"@robertliefeld When Ethan leaves a job he says you should say nice things about your employer. It's the polite thing to do.  #BeLikeEVS"

"I hear that @EthanVanSciver never puts his well proportioned FEET up on the couch while wearing shoes. #BeLikeEVS #WWEVSD"

"@robertliefeld Ethan says you Always wipe your feet when you enter a house.  Feet?  Those things taht should be at the end of legs #BeLikeEVS"

"Ladies close to @EthanVanSciver are also happy to report that he ALWAYS opens the door for them. @RobertLiefeld, #BeLikeEVS"

"Puts his pants on a leg at a time, which include his feet.  Which he studies for art.  You should look at yours more @RobertLiefeld #BeLikeEVS"

"@RobertLiefeld you need to be more humble and polite like EVS, or I'll use my Omega Beams and send you to the 50's #BeLikeEVS"

"I hear at comic conventions, @EthanVanSciver can draw a crowd, and every member of that crowd has feet.  @RobertLiefeld, #BeLikeEVS"

In the midst of this, Liefeld tweeted:

"What's with all the Van Sciver tweets?  What are I people talking about?  I've been watching Deadpool on an infinite loop w@RobertKirkman."

Aw, Liefeld's so cute when he plays stupid.

The "conflict" died out quickly, but hopefully, Rob has learned that, when people try to extend an olive branch after a heated political contest, accept it graciously.  #BeLikeEVS
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