Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

A Quick Message To Miguel de Icaza

Hello, Miguel.

I trust you are doing well, working for Novell on creating Mono and trying to bake it into GNOME, blithely ignoring the patent liability this will create and telling people like Richard Stallman, PJ, and me that we just don't get it, this is the wave of the future and it is perfectly safe.

Just heard about the press conference Intel gave.  Intel came up with the Atom CPU for netbook computers in an attempt to increase battery life and conserving power, in hopes of preventing people from going with the ARM architechture.  After all, Linux runs like a champ on an ARM, but Windows can't.  It's specifically engineered for x86 CPU's.  (And let me just say, the Atom SUCKS!  I have one for Kylie, my IBM S10 netbook.  Programs should NOT run that slow on a 1.6Ghz machine, and it only increases battery life by about an hour for 2.75 on the go.  Compare that to an ARM, which has achieved 24 hours on a single charge.)

One of M$' big plans to seize control of Web 2.0 is Silverlight.  Presented as a Flash-killer, Silverlight has flown like a stone kite.  No one wants it.  Flash is far more prevailent.  M$ tried a deal with Major League Baseball and the Olympics to get them to stream content with Silverlight.  The Olympics didn't deliver the numbers, and MLB bailed when people couldn't simply run it instead of installing it for people at work without admin rights.  But Flash is specific to Intel, also.  Adobe has made no plans to port it to run on ARM's.

So here's Intel, saying that Atom netbooks will be able to run Silverlight.  Under Windows OR Linux.

That's right, a full-blown port of Silverlight for Moblin, courtesy of Intel.  M$ is providing them with code and test kits.

Suddenly, your precious Moonlight project is looking kind of obsolete, isn't it?  Not only is it based on Mono, which is several versions behind .NET so portability is out of the question (M$ has made abundantly clear that Silverlight on Moblin will NOT be using Mono or ANY Moonlight code), not only is Moonlight a stripped down version of Silverlight, but this is a version that will likely be offered to anyone who wants it, not "If you don't want to be sued for patent infringement, you can only download this from Novell's site."

You're being undermined by the very group you thought was working with you.

Welcome to the club.  I trust you'll make yourself comfortable.

Have a nice day,
Peter G
Tags: computers, digital rights, foss, just desserts, linux, open source, patent law
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