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No Rest For The Weary

I'm currently hip deep in getting the next Hannah Singer book done.  I was really looking forward to it, because that means I ould get back to working on Sound Waves.  I miss the girls.

Well, the girls are going to be taking a vacation.

After my Doctor Whooves fan comic ran on Bleeding Cool, contact was made with a comic publisher (a legit one, not some fly-by-night operation).  I showed them some other stuff I've done, issue #1's of Red Riding Hood and Quantum Redshift.

They are very interested in seeing if I can do a comic series for them.

I told them I need a little time because of Hannah Singer.  They said sure, and they can't wait to see what I come up with.

Now, this does not mean I'm in, just that I have an advantage.  I still need to capitalize on it and make something that will work, it's not a done deal.  But longtime readers know what this means -- the compulsive overachiever is going to give it all he's got.

I'm going to develop Tentoumushi next, since I think it will dovetail perfectly with their output.  (For those wondering why not Quantum Redshift, especially since the first issue went over so well, I would rather save Rose for when I can make it run as a regular series, not a bunch of miniseries.)  So I'm going to be very busy for a while.  That means Rhapsody and Melody will be sitting out until I get Tentoumushi under wraps.  But the editor's communication is an excellent sign.

Hey, DJ?  You know what to play.
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